July 27, 2020


Spirituality is not about holier than thou,
It’s not about religion,
It is not about being noble when we are not.

Spirituality is about going inward to extract and face our dark shadows tucked deep in the abyss of our soul, to let go and to heal.

Spirituality is about being accountable for our own actions and emotions, not putting blame onto others to make ourselves feel less guilty or happy. Happiness and inner peace is always from within.

Spirituality is about self love, self forgiveness and self respect, being kind to ourselves, being able to give love and to receive love openly and be vulnerable.

Spirituality is about being able to let go of ego and pride. To be able to be receptive to criticism. To be able to say sorry when wrong and to forgive when wronged .

It is like an onion, we have to do the inner work of unpeeling the layers piece by piece until we reach the true core of our pure and true self. This is what spirituality is all about .

To evolve to be a better version of ourselves and to be grateful for all?

Thank you all.
Hope it resonates.

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