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August 1, 2020

what I had Learned in My Past Journeys

Every time I was making or planning a trip never think it was a vacation, vacation is more likely the travel agency is plan, coordinated, or setup every things for clients. Journey is coordinating by self. Journey is the opportunity to interact with new cultures, learning new things, and it is the opportunity to leave the comfort zone, and makes awesome experiences.

Traveling gives lots of physical body energies, and recharge myself again, balance the life. It was the best times to follow the heart to connect with new things, new environment, and culture. It is the moment to forget hometown and get users to the new lives quickly,  and living in a present moment, it is more freely, and relax.

Journey is not always fun or comfortable. It could be face unexpected situations. Local people might be point you the wrong direction, or language problems, or you might be missed bus, or train. Or there’s you need to hitchhiking in the highway, or elsewhere. The plan had been settled, but not on schedule. All these things could be happened. Sometimes that’s something was surprising or exciting at the wonderful things in the moment too.

When I was traveling, I like to be a local person, eat like local, taste local, use public transportation, hangout with local people; because be locally is more enjoy during the whole journey, be myself.  Sometimes want to see just one place, there had to be took long distance bus or train to get to the destination. It might be not worth, or it could be surprised, there makes the trip highlighted.

Travel by train will see amazing scenery through train windows. There are the real heart of a country, it is truly amazing way to capture the beauty of nature of the country. And it is increasing attractive.

Travel in airplane is more closely to sky and capture the beauty of sky, closely to the clouds, sunrise, or sunset, and see closely in ground landscapes, when it was landing; just so beautiful.

Travel by ship, it could be smell the fresh air, smell the ocean, and smell the seafoods, feel the strong wind. 

Journey makes things differently, eyes opened, experiences difference ways. The mind tends to become closed to many of life’s possibilities in the way making friends or end up alone.

Trying local foods the body might be getting different nutrients that’s I am used to.

Travel simply teaches me how to see the world bright, and beautiful places.

Anthony Boudian wrote that: travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometime it hurt, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey change me; it should change. It leaves marks on my memory, on my consciousness, on the heart, and on my body. It take something with me. Right, it is true. My personally changed, see things differently, sometime think differently. The things I ever see or learned, that makes always with me.

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