August 3, 2020

4 Keys to Opening & Healing our Hearts when We’ve been Hurt too many Times.

When our heart is broken once, it can feel like we are never going to love and receive again.

When we experience heartbreak time and time again, our capacity to believe in love may become destroyed a little more each time.

With every heartbreak we may add another barrier around our hearts in the hope that we wont experience the pain again—not yet knowing that those barriers actually block us from receiving love rather than blocking more pain.

A closed heart may lead to you wondering why:

>> You struggle to manifest your heart’s desires.

>> You attract the same men and relationships over and over again.

>> You find it hard to love yourself.

If this sounds familiar, then you’re not alone. Many have experienced the same—myself included. Yet, maybe if you knew the truth about the magnetism of the heart, and if you had the tools to facilitate your healing, things would turn out differently.

Here are some truths about the heart from science, energy, and spirit.

The Science

Scientists say that the heart has an electromagnetic field that is 5,000 times stronger than the heart. Therefore, whatever energy you send out via your heart has the capacity to be received by another person, irrespective of distances. This makes it a powerful tool for manifesting.

The Energy

The heart chakra sits at the centre of the chakra system—in between the lower and upper chakras. So, I tend to think of the heart chakra as a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds (the lower chakras being the physical, the upper chakras being the spiritual). Therefore a block in the heart chakra can restrict the energy that flows through your body and the chakras, effectively lowering your vibration.

The Spirit

The Ancient Egyptians had a more spiritual take on the heart and the role it played in their lives. They viewed it as the essence of a person, the throne of the soul that contained wisdom, truth, and secrets. In fact, the heart was so highly revered that it was the only organ not to be removed during the mummification process; they believed that the soul would travel with the spirit to the afterlife, where it would be weighed to discover if the person led a good life.

Today, there is more of a tendency to favour the mind over the heart. However, from an energetic, spiritual, and manifesting perspective the heart is the power centre of the body, as well as the chakra system. Which makes it easy to see and understand why taking care of it is so important.

So, how do you that?

As a woman who dedicated time and energy on healing my heart, I tried many different tools and practices. Some of which I share with my clients in my role as an Angelic Reiki Master and Divine Channel. This has enabled me to clearly identify what works effectively for the majority of people when they consistently do the inner work.

From here onward, you will discover four keys to healing your heart. Keys you’ll be able to use today to unlock the barriers to your heart and begin the healing process, so that you can receive the love that you deserve.

Four key tools to healing your heart:


Forgiveness is a process. A process that leads to you letting go of the pain, anger, and hurt from the past. This paves the way for you to restyle your mind and energy for love. However, it’s also a process that many find challenging, because it can often feel like you are letting the other person off the hook for what they did.

Here’s the plot twist:

God saw it all.

It is not your job to seek for revenge or hold yourself in a prison of anger. So, through the practice of forgiveness you can release the pain and surrender the whole thing up to the Heavens.

All that is required to kick-start forgiveness is your intention.

Set an intention to forgive even if you still feel angry. If your desire and intention to forgive is true, it is enough. To give you added strength you can follow this up with the practice of Hoponoponno, a life-changing ancient Hawaiian forgiveness prayer. This prayer is especially good when clearing energy from karmic relationships.


Crystals are revered for the spiritual and healing benefits. With the ancients harnessing their energy for healing, protection, and attraction.

You can do the same by using crystals in your meditation or energy healing sessions.

Intuitively select a heart healing crystal to work. Place your chosen crystal(s) over the heart chakra to focus the energy and healing in that area. Carry that crystal with you in your bra (close to the heart chakra) to continue the healing and releasing process.

For the spiritual style queens among us, you might prefer to adorn your body with crystal jewelry, such as bracelets and necklaces. As a little tip, you may feel more drawn to green crystals than the obvious rose quartz. Why? The heart chakra is associated with the colour green. Green is associated with healing.

Your Divine Team

You have a nonphysical support team ready and waiting for you to give them the green light to support you. This team can be made up of angels, spirit Guides, ancestors, goddesses, saints, and your higher self. I even have a few celebrities who drop in to offer me guidance or a pep talk from time to time.

You can call on your divine team to guide you, give you strength, heal you, or for whatever else you feel is needed for healing your heart. Simply connect with them through prayer, meditation, or ask for a sign. Even if you do not know their names, they will still come close because they want to build a relationship with you.

Two key energies to call upon would be Archangel Michael and Mother Mary. Michael has a beautiful, grounding, and protective energy. Whereas, Mother Mary has a loving, nurturing vibration that can be drawn upon during times when it feels hard to love yourself.


One thing that I wish I had done more of during my heart healing journey is mindset work.

When you have experienced pain and violation of your energy boundaries repeatedly, you can develop a lot of negative beliefs.

Thankfully, you can change this by catching yourself when you have a negative thought or say something negative using a pattern interrupt. My mentor advised having an elastic hairband on your wrist that you can snap to literally snap yourself out of the pattern of negative chat. This gives you time to pause and then change your language.

Be mindful that this really does take some real self-awareness and it is a big eye-opener as to just how much negative chat goes on from the inside out.

As an added beauty tip, you can speak words of affirmation to yourself as you apply your makeup or skincare in the morning. Starting your day right and bringing a little mindfulness to your beauty routine can help to refocus the mind.

My final words

So, now you have four keys to healing your heart. I sincerely hope that they support you in transmuting the darkness within into light.

Keep in mind that heart healing can be difficult, especially when the wound is deep.

Also, make sure that you are kind to yourself and reach out for help when you need it.

Ask your divine team to guide you through signs and symbols to what your heart needs to heal and what your soul needs to grow. Then, take those divinely guided steps.

And, know that everyone’s heart healing journey is different. Comparison is not required.

For example, some people will use these tools and make rapid progress. Whereas, if you are more like me, then you’ll need more time, patience, and a few energy healing sessions to make that progress.

Whatever the case, just know that it is right for you.

There is no need to rush.

Focus on you.

Be guided.


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