August 8, 2020

A comprehensive List of the Ethical & Economic reasons to shop at Whole Foods & Amazon instead of your local mom n’pop.

Can’t think of any.

So many of my dear friends in Boulder are amazing cooks or environmentalists or good human beings generally, raising lovely families or what-have-you—but they think nothing of the carbon and middle class-devastation wrought by a casual deliver from an Amazon Prime delivery van or a quick trip to Whole Foods, once one of the best places to work, now on count-down until Bezos can figure out how to fire every cashier.

Amazon treats its employees like the machines it wishes they were. Want a healthy economy? Pay employees well, and they’ll spend that money locally, bolstering economies near and far, and reducing inequality in the process.

When you spend money locally, that dollar recirculates in your local economy. You skip the container ships that come with clicking a Buy button, and you develop community relationships that can make your day when you’re down and out.





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Read 3 comments and reply

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