August 16, 2020

Unlocking the Power of Intuition: Everything you Desire is at your Fingertips.


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We are all born with a sixth sense. 

At an early age, when someone is telling us one thing and doing another, something feels off. We can easily pick up on someone’s energy, good or bad, and some of us can even get in touch with our past lives.

Unfortunately, the adults in our life unknowingly mold us as children. They condition us into believing that our sixth sense is unimportant, at best, and unreal. Our imaginary friends, our inner knowing, and our glimpses into the unseen world get buried, sometimes never to be unearthed again.

When I was a child, I often left my body and went to the afterlife—a place I began to know well. There, I could connect to a world of unconditional love, and found I was able to bring that feeling back with me when I returned to my body. Knowing my angels were not so far away, I didn’t feel as alone. At the time, I didn’t know I had intuitive gifts and that I would use my sixth sense daily.

As I made my way through my childhood, I began to shy away from my sixth sense, but I never fully lost this connection. The creative stories I wrote at nine years old were filled with channeled information, guided by the angels, telling the story of what was happening to me.

My gifts of connecting with the unseen world kept gnawing at me, my angels communicating with me in the form of questions. I was a curious kid, always exploring and creating; my soul knew I would pay more attention to questions than advice.

Why are we all here?

I was sitting in sixth-grade math class when this question popped into my head, along with a feeling I will never forget.

Looking around my classroom, every one of my classmates copied the numbers from the blackboard into their spiral notebooks. Well, everyone except the boy who was shooting the rubber bands from his braces across the room. Nobody seemed to be pondering their existence, and this created feelings of loneliness. But I could not ignore this question that had my attention far more than fractions or geometry.

I would not find my answer for another 30 years. Well, I did not realize the question was not to be answered anyway. I had more living to do first. It was only there to remind me of my gifts and to look beneath the surface, and to know there is an unseen world out there—even if nobody is talking about it. It reminded me to keep asking questions!

Why am I here?

The answer came when I finally stopped pushing away my gifts—fully opened up to my sixth sense. After that, even more questions began flowing and giving way to incredible insights and awareness. I was told to climb up Jack’s beanstalk and stumbled upon a world of magic and miracles, unconditional love, and a wiseness far greater than me.

I was reminded of my childhood when I spent time in the afterlife, but now I was meant to explore this fantastic place, one that included the afterlife, and so much more—a place I now call the universe. It was no longer to escape but to discover, evolve, and heal.

I was told to continue writing and that the angels and souls in the afterlife would speak through me—and they did. 

I was told that I would receive pictures, song lyrics, and “movies” about other people’s lives to help them answer their questions—and I did. 

I was told to listen, and that I would be able to communicate with animals—that they would tell me things never heard before—and they have.

I am grateful for this part of me that knew that losing this connection with an unseen world would be to lose the magic and wonder of life; to hide these gifts would also be hiding who I was and what I knew to be true.

I continue to be shown so much more about this unseen world we call the universe. It is where fractions and geometry problems reside, along with our soul’s in-between lives, angels, information, and unlimited possibilities. 

The unseen world is where quantum physics begins and never ends; where we know the truth of something and not know how we know it. Where images pop into our mind about someone we’ve never met, and animals communicate with us. This unseen world is our universe—a place wide and vast that houses all the answers to the test, whether it is for sixth-grade math or our mission in this life.

This universe is a unified field that connects us all, both here and in the afterlife. It houses the best Google search (that is entirely underutilized) with a connection that never loses power.

We can all live within the higher realms while breathing, walking, laughing, and loving in this physical plane. 

We begin by tapping into the universe with questions:

Where should I live? 

When will I meet my “soul mate?” 

Does my loved one who passed have a message for me?

Begin by asking a question (any question), and you will receive the answer. Let go of where and how it shows up. Ask for the answer to be so obvious that you can’t doubt it came from a higher source. 

And have gratitude for all that is going on around you. Whether you know it or not, all is working in your favor in this life; all you cannot see is here and showing up for you every day.

Everyone has intuitive gifts; everyone can access the sixth sense. You have angels and loved ones who are always helping you. Your soul is guiding you, no matter how loud your mind gets.

You can receive the incredible love and abundance you’ve been waiting for—if you ask. We so often make life harder than it needs to be, judging ourselves or thinking we need to do it alone, which is simply not true.

Ask, and you will receive; it’s that easy.

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