August 14, 2020

How to be Zen AF amidst the “Fake News,” Politics & “Woke” Culture.


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This is a navigation tool to soul-surf the “plan-demic,” all the “woke” people, and the interweb with all of its glorious information.

Current events are hitting us all. Let’s face it, 2020 has been a juggernaut of turmoil and waking up to information that has changed us all. We can never again look through the lenses of yesteryear. We’re rooting down and using whatever tools our mamas gave us to grip through this storm.

But what is all of this information doing to our psyche, health, and, most importantly, our soul?

Some of the messages are good and need to be shared, seen, and witnessed. Some of the messages are down a garden path that you wouldn’t even want your former best friend Suzie to read at 3 a.m. because you don’t want her to be that scared. Suzie doesn’t deserve that. Yes, a little light-hearted joking needs to happen, especially now. But people aren’t laughing like they used to; we’ve lost some of our connectedness. 

That’s what I felt drawn to write about today. 

There’s lots of stuff to read right now, and maybe you’re right in the middle of it. Maybe, right now, you’re yelling at me through your screen to “Wake up, lady! Bill Gates is going to put a microchip in you!” 

I’m not going to say that it is true or false, because I am not here to tell you your truth. I’m here to tell you how I tapped into my own and cleared my mental space by uniting it with my soul space.  

There are a lot of theories out there. There’s a lot of information and disinformation that you could get lost in. I want to emphasize the word lost here. The multimedia tidal wave of real and “fake news” is a place we become confused; we become sincerely bewildered as to where the real truth lies.

Recently a good friend of mine summarised some of her newfound research—what it all meant, and how we are all doomed. She was slumped in her chair; her hair was unkempt; her face was withdrawn. She didn’t look like herself. I remember looking at her and feeling such sympathy. I didn’t hear a word of what she had to say to me. I was too worried about her well-being. 

Why? Because she was losing herself in other people’s fears and stories. It was as though her entire soul was sagging right in front of me.  

Again, I am compelled to communicate that I am not here to tell you your truth, soul path, or how you should feel. I felt drawn to write this article, and now you have been drawn to read it. So if you decide to keep on reading, it’s because you’re consenting to this shared information. I’m going to tell you how I keep myself sane during a pandemic of information. 

There’s lots of truth out there, but there’s also a lot of smoke and mirrors diverting from what you really came here to do. 

So, let’s change the narrative—claim your power back. It’s yours to take any time you wish to reclaim it. 

How do you do that? 

My body’s response to information is my biggest indicator of whether something is even in the realm of my personal path. Go ahead, read posts, articles, whatever your mind and the heart desire, but look through them with the lens of your soul. 

This is my method: 

Feel into it; adjust it to create your own barometer for the truth. 

I can only tell you that it works for me, and that is how I do it.

When I look at articles about COVID-19, politics, or anything that is a potential pollutant to my psyche, I feel into my body and ask myself questions.  

Do I feel drawn to this article?

If I am, after reading the article, I ask:

Is this information useful to my current path or life?

Do I feel aligned with all that is being said?

And then I wait. 

Usually, a big emotion that isn’t my subtle soul-voice will follow. I feel into that too—let it get really big. It sometimes takes a few minutes to be witnessed and heard, and then it falls away. That’s when I can connect to my softer soul-voice.

Sometimes when I’m drawn to articles, they aren’t comfortable topics. When I tap into that body connection and into the article’s energy, I can feel if I’m in alignment with the message.

When I’m not in alignment, I get an inner pitted and heavy feeling. In this case, I leave the information behind; it wasn’t meant for me. It might be meant for somebody else, but it’s just not part of my soul path. That’s it. 

But there’s another layer: Sharing. 

Next is the whole idea of sharing this information on multimedia or in conversation. 

Question yourself and feel into your sharing intent: 

Are you feeling scared? 

Are you speaking or sharing from a place that will lift or help your fellow human evolve? 

If you detect fear there, maybe that isn’t a place you should share from. If you feel love at the core of your share, that would be a more holistic approach and the best place to offer this share. Tough subjects can still be touched upon, but the intent of that share changes everything. I’m not saying that others will agree with you, but at least you’re spreading information from a heartfelt focus. 

That’s how I choose to travel my path—mind, body, and soul intent. If this aligns with you, try it. If it doesn’t, that’s okay; it’s just not part of your soul path. 

Now, instead of absorbing the trauma of the masses, you can work on more critical issues (like, maybe old traumas of your own). Isn’t it time?

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