August 20, 2020

I Wonder what would happen if you Just Sat Still. 


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I just wonder…

What it would be like if you sat still.

What it would be like if you closed your eyes.

What it would feel like if you pressed your feet into the raw earth.

What you would experience if you took a deep, fulfilled breath.

What it would be like if you gave yourself a break from all of the busy.

I just wonder…

How you would change if you stopped believing the negative narrative you’ve been telling yourself for years.

How relieved you’d be if you could forgive yourself for your mistakes.

I just wonder…

If you would soften if you loved your body in all of its imperfections.

If you would find peace if you honored the moment of life you are in, even inside the struggle.

If you would feel joy if you felt the sun on your skin.

If you would revel in imagining yourself as something greater than your body.

I just wonder…

What would happen if you did the same for the ones you love.

What would change if you did the same for the ones you hate.

I just wonder…

Would the world change?


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