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August 31, 2020

You are the light at the end of the tunnel!

Life is a blend of certainties and uncertainties, fair days and fussy nights, Even moments and odd circumstances. This circle rotates in a manner that you have to go through all these points sooner or later. Passing through rough phases requires more courage and strength than the smooth ones. It is in those days, not only the reality of who actually has your back and who is a mere pretence but also how much valiant you are in your element is proved. Rainy days accompanied with dark nights are challenging, what makes them more tough is the silence on the part of your closed ones. People whose words you would weigh in gold. People whose courteous treatment would make you go easily and people whose generous push will take you to the far off galaxies. Challenge does not seem challenging when you have a positivity pack with you. Situation turns different when this pack disappear altogether in no time. A Pack that is prepared and wrapped by ‘others’ is taken away. Its disappearance is obvious. Because, people who created it were its owner at first place not you. You were just an occasional receiver, whom they would bless in accordance with their personal will. There will be days when the news of your howling success will balloon the size of that pack by two folds. And there will be days when they’ll spot you down in the dumps just to deprive you of that winsome pack of high spirited words. This is the way of the world, world that is nothing more than a house of cards. You have to face up all these battles by yourself and that too with an iron hand. No one is interesting in fighting them for you. They don’t have anything to do with your burden. They can only egg you on in not so bad times but when gray clouds turn up on the horizon, they will be quick to fall back. Instead of becoming a ray of hope they leave you in darkness and it’s not their flaw. It’s basic human nature. It is of no use to blame them. Instead of relying on their temporary motivational, and sympathetic play on words, you should develop a habit of uplifting your self in hard times and appreciating your efforts towards making a life, no matter how tiny they are. Replicate positive habits. Read stuff that raises your spirit. Count, recount and ink down your blessings. Watch light movies and shows. Try means that help you get rid off fleeting concomitants and draining energies. You should shift your attention on carving a path out of that porous and dangerous hole. A path that will lead you towards gleamy, bewitching and perfect destination, remarking that it’s ONLY YOU who are the light in the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the tunnel.

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