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September 3, 2020

Insight dreams

Would you believe me… Would you believe me if I told you that I dreamed it? Sometimes I just think it’s me getting crazy… That it is just, simply, a coincidence. But something deep in my gut tells me it’s not.

It was one month ago…

It wasn’t my usual kind of dream: when I’m on the road, missing my train, or surrounded by hundred of people in a backpacker hostel…

No, it was different. and the way I remember everything is still so clear:

It was daytime in my appartment in Kathmandu and I was looking by the window while talking with my host who came to see me.

The appartment was actually much higher then it really is, so I could have an amazing view on this anthill which is Kathmandu. Thousand of concrete buildings surrounded by green luxury hills where the clouds love to hang on.

We were observing and enjoying the peacefulness of the city during lockdown. The sky was getting this “end of the day ” lovely pink/purple colour when I felt the first shake.

“No worry” Magda told me… ” That’s just a very small earthquake, no need to be scared. It happen all the time. But if the second wave come we might have to go and hide under the table, because it’s gonna be stronger!”

Something was wrong… “Magda, this is not a earthquake” I told her:

” This is an explosion”

Noooo no worry, there should be no second wave” she wasn’t listening to me, lost in her contemplation by the window.

And then the second wave happen.

And here finish the dream.

I didn’t woke up straight ahead. But a few hours after, I vaguely remember this dream, noticing for myself how strange it was to have such a different and vivid dream for once.

I was slowly awakening, turning on my internet, scrolling quickly through facebook… :

God what an horrible explosion in Beirut! Overwhelmed as I can be when it’s about my empath’s feeling taking over, I was full of anger, sadness, revolted and disgusted! I was crying and screaming because the video I saw was just shaking something inside of me, completely uncontrollable!

This is one of the main reason I avoid to watch news since years now. But this one was hitting hard on me. I started to make some research when I found this article with this person describing what she has been experiencing:

Feeling the first shaking when she was observing this huge fire at the other side of town. And then the big explosion, the run under the table, just in time before everything was blown away!

Magda, this is not a earthquake I told her.

This is an explosion“!! My dream is coming back in my face. I was sure of what I was saying, I knew it wasn’t an earthquake! My intuition was on alert!

I’m crying stronger, rolling on myself in bed, shaking, in shock! … I don’t understand. How? Coincidence? Just me getting crazy? Making things up?

So why? Why I’m I being so shaken by that right now?!

Starting conversation with my soulsister ( my love, my besty, my other half) because I needed her help to understand, we came to the same conclusion:

At that moment, when this tragic even happened in Beirut, while I was nicely in my bed, my soul has connected with another one. Someone has been sharing this with me… No idea if this person manage to reach under the table and protect him/ herself… I truly hope she did…

I don’t know why I have been connected to this tragedy. I feel helpless. I hope I could do something, really. But how…?! I don’t have the answer yet.

Maybe one day I will know, and understand: Why this message came to me, and what I need to do.

This tragedy that happened in Beirut remind us how everything is ephemeral. Nothing last and everything can disappear in just 1 second blast.

It reminds us to be grateful for what we have, as small as it is!

Through this message I’m sending to Beirut and its  souls all the strength, willpower, and light that I can for support. As far it’s the most I can do… I’m with you!

Regarding this dream I have been experiencing, it made me discover a deeper type of connection.

The way we connect with others is still a very mysterious way. But as much as I’m scared of it, I know it’s also a gift I have to cherish. And I know that as crazy as I may feel when I look at all that, I know I’m not.

And I also know I’m not the only one… Because in the end, we are all connected!

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