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September 25, 2020

Be Mindful Choosing Face Mask

People would laugh at you wearing a mask in public places in the past years. Masks were not common at that time. People think that’s only for medical issues.  Nowadays, if you see someone not wearing mask, you probably are be aware of this person, and it does matter. I have been wearing a mask since I got my bike for years. I always carried some in my backpack, especially, while on a trip in case I need at period of time.

When I go on a trip to Central Asia in 2019. I didn’t carry enough for the whole trip, somehow, it was misplaced. My second day began to look for a pharmacy to purchase, I couldn’t find any pharmacy. Because there are language barriers; even when I showed my translation to local people, no one understood what I was asking, and what I was looking for, what is pharmacy, and what mask looked like? It was difficult to find, I was checked out in bazaars, in different towns. Somehow, I checked through my backpack again, there’s the last mask (Sample) in my backpack. It is much easier than ever. I showed the sample to local people, but I had to find someone who could speak little English. The local person told me to find it in the Medical. Where’s Medical? He told me about the medical  in the store. in the Store? Actually, inside of the store. If no one told me that, or I did not had any sample on hands, I think I won’t find any mask during the whole trip. Mask is hygiene, it is related to medicine.

How to wear it correctly, how often to change another new or clean the fabric face cover? Do you reuse a one time face mask? How many hours should change another onetime mask? Nowadays, there are lots of styles of masks, and you can buy it anywhere. How to choose the right size to fit on your face. Everyone has a different size of face, it is the same as our outfit. But adult masks seem only one size fits all. When I was walking on the street, people were wearing masks or face covers, they showed different sizes of faces. It was fun to me. Face masks are marketing now, you can see anywhere is selling masks. What type of masks prevent the virus. Do we really need to wear N-95? If you have not worn a mask before, it might be uncomfortable or difficult breathing while wearing it for the beginning.

Some people have sensitive skin, skin allergic reactions, or if skin irritation occurs. What type of materials or what are the qualities of those fabric of face mask or face cover. Will you choose hundred percent cotton fabrics, or microfiber or other materials. Is it those materials good for skin? Face masks or face covers are made of various materials.  Choose the type that best serve your needs.  Purchasing face cover is same as choosing skin care products. Be mindful when choosing or wearing any type of style fabric face cover product. Fabric touching skin, some fabric is good for skin, but on another hand it might not be good for some people who have lung disease, heart disease or difficulty breathing. There are postings everywhere, do your part, help to stop the spread. Face covering will helps reduce the likelihood. The face covering or face mask does not replace the N95 use in health care. But face covering is one way to stop or slow the virus, and prevent bad smells.

Face masks or face covers are important to everyone, not even Medical people, or Restaurant Workers. I am wearing a mask to prevent someone spreading the virus to me, bad smell in surrounding. I always wear it while I am in a dusty place to help and keep my lungs clean and healthy.

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