September 2, 2020

Cleanse the Negative, Heavy Energy that’s diluting your Energy Centers.

As an energy healer and seller of chakra jewelry, I am often asked—how does it work?

Or what can this crystal or stone do for me?

There are countless websites that recklessly throw out verbiage that imply a bracelet or necklace will cure your cancer, or end your addiction to smoking.

I do not promote that kind of extreme healing of my chakra jewelry. I do, however, acknowledge that it is possible for a stone, crystal, or piece of favorite jewelry to inspire and remind a person that they are a powerful healer of themselves.

A charged crystal or stone can emit a high vibrational frequency that influences the subtle energies of the body to promote healing, also called “sympathetic resonance” in scientific circles. I am not the first to aspire to such beliefs. Ancient civilizations, from Rome to Egypt to Mesopotamia, used talismans and amulets in rituals to bring about powerful changes and influences.

Mere superstition you might say? Perhaps, but there is power in belief—be it good or bad. Ask anyone who believes someone has put a curse on them.

How Does it Work?

As a healer and intuitive, I believe people, rocks, and just about anything can be influenced by energy. Similarly, objects can become powerful with the value that the owner gives it, such as a child’s security blanket or a baseball player’s lucky cap. Watch out if those items go missing!

That being said, the best way to allow a healing piece of jewelry to assist you, would be to get to know the piece. Research your stone, gem, or object. When I post a piece of my jewelry online, I add some history about the stones and crystals, and what properties they are known for in each profile.

Use your jewelry when you meditate, or do yoga. This requires stillness and intuitive insight which is in itself incredibly healing. Try to consciously match the energetic frequency of a crystal or stone, such as Amethyst or Selenite, to bring in positive energy.

To clear negative energy, breathe deeply, and upon exhaling, imagine any negative energies release into a stone, like the darker stones of Shungite, Black Tourmaline, or Obsidian.

An authentic and quality stone or crystal—worn without any intention at all—will give an energetic benefit, especially if it is a favorite piece. But if you feel inspired, my recommendation is to get to know your jewelry, cleanse it regularly, and charge it when needed.

How to Clear and Charge Chakra Jewelry

There are many ways to clear crystals and stones.

For simplicity sake, I will give one example:

1. Place your jewelry piece under running water and intend, by thought or words, for the piece to be energetically clear of negative or heavy energy.

2. To recharge the jewelry, place it in the sun for a few minutes intending for the piece to accept the sun’s energy and fully charge.

I know it seems so simple, yet it is powerful.

You are powerful.

I challenge you to allow the beautiful energies of rocks and crystals to support you in your soul’s journey.


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