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September 15, 2020

How to Deal with a Weirdo You Actually Like (poem version)

You were enamored by her authenticity.

She was magic, but she didn’t have to hover around you —

Her head would stir, gaze piercing into you.

You were in it right there with her.

You could have this too.


She would laugh,

& you’d be affected.

There was so much excitement bursting from both your bubbles

Spiking each other’s fire.


But then one moment that lasted an eternity

Split into 2 days,

& 3 weeks,

4 months,


And every interaction,

        every connection,

she became less mysterious to you

More like home

But less exciting.


And those quirks that revitalized you

Became the source of your resentment.


And you put her down.

She was normalized in your eyes,

Her magic gone


And being caught in this endless moment,

Noticing the hoops again & again,

You stood outside of the loop.

And spoke of the love that you have,

But refused to be in it.


An onlooker reporting on an abstraction he recognized.


And one day,




You were out in the open air

Feeding the fire neither of you could feed off of anymore.


You were taught what to steer away

Where she was taught to dive in.


But you were a child.

And they loved you so much, but they never learned they could forgive themselves on their own shortcomings, or that they didn’t have to feel negatively to begin with.


All the love in the world couldn’t teach you it was okay to be naïve.

Learning is not a solution, but the next part of the journey.

You can laugh through it, or you can be put down.

You can bond over your silliness, or be punished for your lack of awareness.

Choose what you want for her, and give it to yourself.

Maybe the world isn’t as black and white

and the divide isn’t between “weird” and “acceptable”.

Maybe the only difference is in our ability to take things lightly.

Maybe she’s not a weirdo after all.

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