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September 16, 2020

Divine Masculinity

The Divine Masculine

Who am I to be writing about the Divine Masculine? – Am I right? I am a WOMAN.

However. I am here loud and clear, discussing with you today how it plays a role within all of us, based on my education, as well as my experiences.

I went to school at Spatech Institute in Westbrook, Maine, I was in the Holistic Massage Therapy Program, which includes Polarity Therapy (As taught by Randolph Stone; from the 1950’s). We also incorporated crystal healing. I absolutely loved it. That school is part of what has shaped me to become who I am today.
Is that the only place this information is coming from though? Absolutely not. For one I have a brother, and we are 15 months apart. I was lucky to grow up with men in my family, and with one close in age.

This information also comes from within, and our own sense of knowing, how WE feel, within ourselves.

Inside each of us is an “Inner Male,” as well as an “Inner Female.”

I am soooo happy that women are becoming more in touch with their femininity it brings me smiles for miles as well as to tears. But what about the men? Or the other genders? They too are divine. Here’s my issue – the obsession and uprise of this gσ∂∂єѕѕ movement, is just as shameful as toxic masculinity, or it at least has the potential to become that way if it is not kept in check.

Women should be treated like they are the Goddesses of their own lives, but so should men be treated like Gods, if that’s what they desire. The key is to be playful.

What about those traits within each of us? We aren’t always radiating gold and sunshine, should we ignore ourselves when we are feeling down? No. We should embrace ourselves and strive forward with motivation, sometimes that requires support from our peers, and often men are excellent motivators for change and progress. They are go-getters. Women can be too.

One can be hardworking AND nurturing. Sometimes being nurturing is hard work. It’s not right to take away ones ability to nurture others, it affects the entire being. Men nor women should feel superior as far as being nurturing goes, but women do share the bond on childbirth and growth within them, as well as the aspect of breastfeeding.

Without her mate however, stress can cause a woman to be unable to let down, when the milk is just bubbling and waiting to come out and feed the baby. Stress can hold the muscles in place, potentially making feeding extremely difficult.  This is where the Divine Masculine comes into play, it is here that I can provide a perfect example; men holding their woman, and helping her with the baby, a baby that wouldn’t exist without him.

Yes, test tubes exist, but this process is a very interconnected melding of energies, both masculine and feminine.

There is something to be said about the natural order of the world, and in how we came here, together.

These words, man and woman, almost become obsolete in the sense of Divinity. We are all Divine, may will all rise.



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