September 6, 2020

We don’t need to Smash the Patriarchy—we need to Smash our Self-Limiting Beliefs.

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The power to create and the power to destroy, both inhabit a woman’s existence.

But this power comes to play only when a woman decides to empower herself.

Recently, women’s empowerment has become a global topic of discussion and it has been closely associated with feminism—a movement that aims to bring about an egalitarian society. However, any movement, law, or commandment cannot bring about any change until we, as women, take unified steps toward making our own space in the patriarchal world.

In order to be empowered as women, it is crucial that we accept ourselves—weaknesses and strengths alike. This will help us in understanding who we really are. For this, the one thing that is very important is education.

No matter what age, there is no boundary to all that we can learn and therefore we can educate ourselves anywhere within the ease of our environments. All that is needed is some motivation to learn. Whether it’s a practical skill or a theoretical study, finding the right source is a must for proper learning. This in turn will act as an impetus for our future endeavors and as a result, we will be further encouraged to take on the challenges that come our way.

Gaining knowledge develops self-confidence and then, be it at home, in the workplace, or any other situation, we will be better able to openly put forth our views and opinions.

Even making the smallest of decisions like what to wear, how to eat, or who to talk to increases our sense of self-reliance and societal responsibility. We up the ante as we brave the outcomes of our own decisions.

A strong, empowered woman knows the importance of her being and so doesn’t tolerate anything that questions the ability of a female, whether it’s a joke or a general statement. She is always aware of and alert within her surroundings so as to be alert to the happenings around her and to take appropriate action to inform others of the need for equality. This generates a feeling of internal power.

Being a woman may be a blessing by God, but being an empowered woman is a blessing we offer ourselves. We need to spread this blessing among our fellow females and help each other to recognize the power within us. The simplest way to start is by complimenting and appreciating each other. At the same time, we need to share responsibilities—to establish a community amongst each other.

Every woman is subjected to some form of discrimination in her day-to-day life, whether it be with respect to our physical strength, our way of thinking, or the way we work. However, such discrimination occurs only because there exist the societal stereotypes of an ideal woman.

There is no perfect woman or man and every individual has the capability to accomplish the best of their abilities.

The authority of our life is in our hands. Being an empowered woman is just a matter of choice—a choice to redefine ourselves beyond our physicality, a choice to alter old gender roles, and a choice to pave new pathways where a woman walks in equal step with men.


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