September 10, 2020

The Ripple Effect of Walking your Heart & Soul Path.

This time we’re in has got me questioning many things, as I’m sure it has for most of you.

What’s really important? What am I here to do? Who am I here to be? Who even am I? What stories have we been told and what really feels authentically true to me?

As the months have rolled out, I’ve found myself taking on the role of an observer, rather than needing to express outwardly, as this is what has felt true to me. And everyone will be different in their unique expression, which is perfect and what makes life so colourful.

I’m a creative visionary at heart. Writing is one of my creative outlets; however, surprisingly, this year I have not been able to find the words and have found myself in somewhat of a creative block.

My time that is usually spent playing music, writing, dancing, and creating art, has instead mostly been spent holding and teaching healing work and receiving Shamanic teachings and wisdom from the Andes. This wasn’t in my “plan” for this year, although it’s clearly what has been called for during this time, so I totally surrendered to the process—almost like I didn’t have a choice. Spirit was showing me what was needed, so I followed. I knew the creativity would start to flow again when I let go of the need to create. I’ve also needed time to integrate, to receive, and to simply be. That, in itself, has been a process of rewiring the need to be “doing” all the time (that’s for another piece of writing).

In my humble opinion, true wisdom only comes from experiencing life.

The wisdom felt in the body comes from a deep knowing, a true connection to its intuition, having explored the many terrains of this human adventure. Our time here is limited. In comparison to the extent of all time, we are like a flash of light, or one grain of sand on an entire stretch of beach—teeny tiny!

Yet, we can get so caught up in the physical world, in drama games, in control, and in fear. We forget that we are also so much more than just these physical vessels—that we are indeed soul, spirit, stars.

Our connection to the physical realm is just as important as our connection to the spiritual realm, the unseen realm. It only seems unfathomable to most because in most cultures, it’s not been taught and encouraged as we’ve grown up. As children, our connection becomes squashed and we’re put into a streamlined box as we start going to school, become engrained into the “system,” and told it’s this way or that way—and certainly not okay to live in “fantasy” land.

And just like that, we have forgotten who we truly are.

Over six years ago now, I left the London rat race for a path less traveled. My soul yearned for deeper meaning, I knew there was something more to discover. I felt I needed to search “out there” for myself, and actually, perhaps I needed to find myself.

Of course, now I know that everything I needed to know was within me already. After six years of living the nomadic life all over the world, I found my home within. Having said all that, and looking back now, I still wouldn’t change any of the choices that I made, even the painful ones, because they brought me to this point in life with more wisdom and trust than ever before.

Which leads me to ask: what does it mean to be a heart follower, to be a soul leader that is walking their true path?

Had I fed into the fear all those years ago and questioned what I “should” be doing, I wouldn’t have had the experiences I’ve had. The journey came from deeply listening to my heart and what she wanted. That’s not to say that fear hasn’t reared its head at times—I’m human after all! However, there is something bittersweet about handing your life over to a higher plan. And of course it’s not all about the heart; there has to be intellect and logic too, but there also has to be the feeling that comes with those. How does it feel to be doing what you’re doing? How does it feel in your physical body, in your emotional body? The body will tell you—if you ask, and if you take the time to listen and feel.

As we witness the old paradigms crumbling around us, we are being called to look deeper within, to do the soul work, to ask the heart. As more of us step into our true dharma, our authentic selves, we create an energy within that radiates light outward.

We are a collective consciousness, so the more of us who are walking our soul paths, the better. This vibration causes a ripple effect. The love within is the key. More love, more healing, more peace. And in order to get there, it may mean a complete dismantling of the old self, as we begin to really feel into our true heart’s desire.

It can be interesting in this time, especially with social media, to compare and to think that you should be doing more, expressing more—but maybe that isn’t what feels in alignment with your soul. And only you know. Your greatest teacher is within. Feel it. Know it. Listen.

Whether it’s serving others through healing work, or you’re a baker, a writer, a parent, or a shop owner, it doesn’t matter. Now is the time to follow what feels true. It’s time to ask: is this in alignment with who I am? Anything that doesn’t feel true, it’s time to release, and then watch how the universe responds! Your true essence is needed.

For me, to be a heart follower and a soul leader, it means having trust. It means completely embodying all that I am, all that I have learned and experienced in life, with the most integrity—to be who I came here to be.

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Read 9 comments and reply

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