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September 8, 2020

What is your “Core Essence?”

What is Your Core Essence?

What is your core essence? – Your core essence, is you. A core essence can be part of anything, trees, rocks, mushrooms. To me, a core essence is the way something or someone feels utterly and completely.

It’s not to say that there’s no room for improvement, or that we all can’t be “better,” or different than we are, it’s like a gut feeling.

Anxiety and life can change parts of our beings and our souls.

Being conscious of our desires and why we have them, that hits home for me. I think that’s an important thing to analyze. -Why do we want this, or why do we not want that?

Deep breaths bring me back to focus and I clear my mind.

Sometimes, very often, when I ground myself and allow myself to be; that is when I feel truly in my core essence.

“That child-like, starry-eyed wonder…”

Though we all exist in the eyes of others, we truly can only see from our own perspective of dreams and reality.

I think that with so much change in each individual, it can be a lot to feel our own essence to the core at times; but it is possible, and I believe we all tap into this place of love and knowing from time to time, while it’s also simultaneously a constant state of being. One love is an interesting concept, and it rains true for me.

Love is vast; and so are our beings.
Our essence is stretched far and wide across the Universe, and into each crack and crevice; every nook and cranny.

We exist within ourselves; as we exist within each other.

Constantly learning and remembering how to be human; while also being a ball of ever-present cosmic energy; dancing through space.

We are blessed, and we are gifted.

For all that we are is now and will forever always be.



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