October 28, 2020

Dear Lover I have Yet to Meet, What if We Loved like This?

What if I forget about how I think dating should be done, and tell a man what I feel?

What if I forget about making him want me? And when I first meet him, stop myself and stop him, and simply look him in the eyes for so long it almost becomes uncomfortable?

What if I bring my awareness inward: feel what this man’s energy moves within me; feel the potential between us; feel memories of other lives and how we’ve met before; feel every nuance, every flavor, every shift?

What if I forget about taking care of his feelings and say what I feel in raw honesty, a hand on his heart?

What if he is shocked out of “just another date,” and wakes up to the moment, catching on, and starts sharing what he is experiencing?

What if he loves the adventure and feels an excitement different from the chemistry he knows too well?

What if, he and I, we actually connect that very first moment and then can’t go back to “normal?”

What if we ride that wave of the moment, ever new, sometimes thrilling, sometimes calm, sometimes raw?

What if we never ever go back to normal and decide to see each other again, and again, and some more?

What if that deep bond grows: of two people on an adventure, having their own little world, feeling in every moment they can depend on the other, experiencing the world in akin ways—the bond of a life mate and travel partner?

What if, when the fear comes up to lose this, we don’t grasp, we don’t run, we don’t pretend we’re cool? What if we share that fear, own it like we share and own every feeling between us?

What if, over time, we start to trust this bond? And we feel nothing can come between us? And if hard times hit, we want to face them with the other at our side? And when good times come, we want to celebrate with the other at our side?

What if we then decide to include our friends and family on this journey, and throw a party and call it a wedding?

What if we open up to the natural fruits of our love, and new life grows in my womb?

Wouldn’t that be the kind of love we need in times of crisis?


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Read 53 comments and reply

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