October 28, 2020

Taurus Full Moon on Halloween: Explosive Energy to Close out October. {October 31}


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Thwarted. Dense. Sticky. Deep. Reactive. The energy has felt thick.

October has been an intense month for most of us.

It has not been an easy combination of energy, but what has in 2020?

Whether you follow astrology or not, most of us have felt the deep recesses of our subconscious fears and reactions coming out.

Like skeletons in our closets, these energies of the past have been haunting us lately. Letting us know that they are still here and ready at any moment’s notice to come out in full—or at least half-display—to ourselves or in our relationships (friendly, familial, work, romantic, casual, or otherwise).

As the sun moved from warm, social, peaceful Libra into the water sign of Scorpio, the seeker of truth, transformation, and alchemy by diving headfirst into the shadow realms, the unseen, the mystique, the subconscious, we have all been shaken up a little. Or a lot.

This is what Mercury retrograde in the deep truth-seeking sign of Scorpio has been drudging up for most of us. It’s like the sediment or sand in a bottle, or snow at the bottom of a snow globe being shaken for the first time in a while.

This is the deep work:

1. Where have we misplaced parts of ourselves?

2. Where are we still playing victim to our past and our present circumstances?

3. What has needed to be felt, seen, heard, and witnessed deep in the recesses of self?

4. Oh yeah, and how are those boundaries going?

We’ve all been navigating these times as best as we humanly can. In our waking life of more 3D consciousness, here in the United States, we have a huge game-changing (perhaps) presidential election coming up on November 3rd. Amid a global pandemic and a possible second wave hitting the country, most of us are feeling fatigued, irritable, ready to be up in arms about something, whether politics related or not.

We are all looking for a fight it seems. It’s not our fault, really. But, it is something we need to look at. When did fighting and looking for a fight ever do us any good? When did fighting with parts of ourselves ever help?

Mars, the planet of war and aggression, as well as action, motivation, and the more masculine yang, “doing” energy has been in retrograde since September 9th and will station direct on November 13th. We have all felt like our energy may have been depleted, withdrawn or more introverted, or felt frustrated perhaps at the lack of forward motion.

All of these energies have been playing out and will be peaking for a full blue moon on October 31, Halloween, the default holiday for many, or Samhain, the more pagan-oriented, witch’s brew of ritual, ancestral invocation, and nature-honoring traditions.

The October blue moon (given the name “blue” for being the second full moon in the same month) occurs at 8 degrees of Taurus on Saturday, October 31 at 10:49 a.m. EDT. It is conjunct the planet of upheaval, sudden change, and disruption, Uranus.

So, what does this all mean for us? With an impending second wave of the virus, we all are a little maxed and taxed. Can’t astrology see this and be kind to us for once? But, there we go again, playing the victim instead of taking the energy for what it is, being the observer, and doing the deeper self-responsibility work. The latter is hard. And tiresome. Sometimes, we do just need to check the eff out. I know.

But, this energy is asking us to become even more awake. More conscious. More alert. Not in fear, but in careful consideration of what’s here and now. Of what’s to come. This full moon wants to shake us up.

It wants to get us back on track if we haven’t been on the right path.

It wants us to ask the tough questions:

5. Where do I really belong?

6. Is my job, living situation, place of work, or relationships really serving me anymore?

7. Is it serving the “old” version of myself or asking me to step up into the newer evolved version of self?

8. Am I being asked to expand beyond these outdated models now?

Discomfort only comes from two places usually: staying in our comfort zone or stepping outside of it. So we might as well get comfortable with being uncomfortable by choosing and allowing for change if we want to grow.

This full moon is landing in Taurus, an earth sign ruled by the planet of love, Venus. The sensual, feeling, cozy, warm aspects of life. But, this moon being opposite the sun in Scorpio and Uranus, is going to feel anything but cozy and warm.

What we do to take care of ourselves can always, of course, be the soothing balm we need in these volatile times. We always have the sovereign choice to care more tenderly for the self undergoing these changes. That is our power.

Taurus is an earthy sign. Grounded. Consistent. Reliable. Stable. Practically-minded. Resource-oriented. Financially savvy (or inclined to be more focused on getting financially stable). Taurean folk are generally the ones we can turn to in times of emotional disarray and the ones who help us feel sane again. Their gentle but solid energy has a calming effect on many of us more fiery, watery, or airy signs.

And they won’t put up with bullsh*t either. Perhaps this is the energy we all need to cultivate for this full moon. No more bullsh*t. Not from ourselves; not from others. To speak up and reclaim our energy to choose and say, “This isn’t for me anymore.”

Or to say, “My self sanity and mental well-being matters more than pandering to someone else’s emotional chaos and process of transmutation.”

We are all in transmutation. We are all being shifted. Some people’s lives are more visibly chaotic these days. Others, it’s more a felt, internal, and emotional sense of looming and pervasive chaos.

This full moon may not be the time to push the envelope. And, it’s not one we need to fear either. But, it is one we need to respect. To listen deeply to the self, underneath the “shoulds” and “have tos.”

Our truth exists far beyond anything someone or something else wants from us. Our truth is ours and ours alone. It’s one we are getting clearer on.

It’s one that may be forced and compressed in these energetic times to come out into the light of day, to be seen. To illuminate what has been hidden in our subconscious fears, old wounds, and triggers.

To stand in front of the self and say, “I understand exactly why you would feel that way.” Because chances are we feel what we feel for good reason, but maybe deeper reason than to placate blame onto another. The truth is usually in the pudding, as they say, or in the feelings this time.

So lean in. Listen closer. Validate what you feel. What boundaries are you needing? What self-care is pleading to you to finally listen? The truth is never that far away after all.

You truly do know what you need. You know how to get those needs met, too. You are so much wiser than you could ever imagine. You have everything you could ever need within you.

Feel. Intuit. Listen. Sense. Take notice of what’s been surfacing for you, then dig a little deeper. The answers are waiting for you. And, maybe, it’s time to answer your own inquiry instead of looking outside the self for truth only you could ever know.

There is deep medicine for all of us. There always is in times of great change, upheaval, and chaos. But, that medicine is unique to each person.

And, we only can find it by going within. So, take as much time as you need to go within and stay close to the self in need of your loving care and devotion now more than ever.


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