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October 25, 2020

Why I’m grateful for Trump!

Amid all the chaos and conflict of #2020 there is actually a lot going on that is good. Consider that Trump is not The Enemy. Mighty as he would have us believe he is, Trump did not create something out of nothing. The enemy is larger than Trump, larger even than Trump’s colossal towers. And it has been living among us all along. The enemy is a way of thinking that is based on erroneous foundations; thinking based on illusions of entitlement and racial superiority. It is conditioning that has rendered us numbed and blinded to injustices, that has built tolerance of bad behavior, apathy to inequalities. Trump only brought to the surface issues that have long been languishing in the murky shadows of our society. The fact that he has a base of supporters to whom his hate-mongering and divisiveness appeals is shining a light into our darkest corners, illuminating the scope and seriousness of the work to be done. It is launching “rockets of desire” (Abraham Hicks language, referring to how unwanted feelings and situations launch aspirations for something more desirable), igniting in many a searing desire for what is needed, for what is important, for what is healthy and decent and compassionate and respectful. Many, many decent, kind, compassionate people are waking up all around the world and being mobilized to take a brave stand for justice, to take action to help bring about change for the good, to make “good trouble” in John Lewis’s words. It’s a tremendous gift. We can be grateful to Trump for that. And we can maintain healthy boundaries, “loving from afar” where necessary (yes, even those ‘on the other side of the aisle’), and tuning our focus and energy to the work that has to be done, and to gratitude for the tremendous changes already underway in America and around the globe that are indeed paving the way for a better life and future for all.

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