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October 25, 2020

Your Eyes

 October 17th, 2020


Your eyes. 

Your eyes. 

Your eyes. 


Your eyes are my disguise, 

your eyes are my demise.


Your eyes. 

Your eyes. 

Your eyes.


Your eyes between my thighs.

Your eyes clear the skies.


Your eyes, so true.

Your eyes, so you.


Your eyes cannot be explained.


Your eyes cannot be renamed.

Your eyes remain unchanged.


Your eyes, delve deep inside…♡


Your eyes, so full of taste.

Your eyes, so full of grace.


Your eyes make my heart fly, 

and soar out of my body.

Your eyes ground me when I am naughty…your eyes.


Your eyes, they hold great comfort.


Your eyes are so beautiful, your eyes are so bountiful, and full of life.


Your eyes hold trying truths…

Your eyes hold as much age, as they do youth.


Your eyes are so captivating, it’s hard to contain.

Your eyes sucked me in, and I’ll never be the same.


Your eyes are mesmerizing and so serene.

Your eyes are a living dream.


… your eyes make me want to scream. (xoxo).


 Your eyes lay so deep within your soul, that it’s hard to maintain control.


Your eyes and your vision, such perfect precision.


Your eyes sparked with zest, transcending flesh.


Your eyes are an image of the fluid capacity.

Your eyes defy gravity.


Your eyes are endless, and I could look forever long.


Your eyes and your being, radiate your own song.


Ahh, your eyes… I could go on…

On top of your face, or really any place;

your eyes…♡


Your marvelous, miraculous, soul saving eyes.

Don’t challenge me, I’ve tried, and I lost, to your eyes…♡

…and your thighs, and your smile and laugh..

I lost it to your muscles, 

and to your silence, I lost it the most.


My body craves to feel yours.


Your eyes are the drive;

along with your own.

In your eyes; I am home…♡


Love, Tressa Lee

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