November 2, 2020

“Don’t (Just) Vote” is Music used for Social Justice the Right Way.

This has to be one of the best and coolest collaborative tracks I’ve ever heard on a political issue.

We’re usually used to music when it comes to heartbreak, joy, and everything in between. But when music is used in a political sphere, it can also inspire revolutions and social movements. It can touch us in a social and relational way that unifies us all behind one cause.

I came across this song while sitting in my room, and straight away felt the need to go out and tell people of the world, “GO VOTE!” And I don’t even live in the United States. Yet, I feel for my brothers and sisters right now going through the anxiety sh*t storm that is the 2020 Presidential Elections.

If you are anxious or going through election fatigue, you need to hear this song.

It was released five days ago by Cass McCombs, and it features guest contributions from Angel Olsen, Grateful Dead founding member Bob Weir, and world-renowned writer and activist Noam Chomsky.

In a statement, Cass McCombes says, “Most people never made it much further than the title, anyway. For this new song, ‘Don’t (Just) Vote,’ the message is clear: Vote, yes, but when you do, imagine the world you would like to see, beyond what appears on your ballot. Harness your imagination and justice becomes inevitable.”

I hope it soothes you as it has soothed me. We are all in this together.

Remind your friends and family who haven’t voted to go, or forward this song to them and let it do the talking.

My favourite part is when Noam Chomsky, in the end, says, “We have to excise a malignant cancer from the body politic. But that’s just the beginning. Real politics is what you do before and after you push the lever. You have to keep your shoulder to the wheel: engagement, activism, organising—that’s what will make the difference.”



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