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November 6, 2020

Self Love is also Allowing Ourselves to be Loved.

Believing that I could be loved just as I am, is the courageous act of parachuting out of plane with wide open arms. Offering myself to the mercy of another person opening their hearts is a baited romantic mystery.  

That long in-between pause after putting yourself on the line, inspires a crunch time pep talk with every part of me that is still tense—reminding them that they are already winners no matter how the game ends.

And so, the proof in the pudding of how much I love myself, is revealed in my willingness to feel cared for by another person. 

As children, this is what we always wanted; to experience the bottomlessness of our own self adoration being contained in the safe holding of mother’s embrace.

Connecting deeply to my own loving essence means, seeing myself reflected in the eyes of the one, with whom I can share a healthy attachment.

Healing the betrayal from childhood sexual abuse will eventually ask us to believe that it is possible to be loved, without giving in to our fear of inevitably being hurt. 

Because the alternative would be to continue creating drama, reliving the pain of my trauma—that our humanity is too flawed to be entrusted to the loving task of evolving. 




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