December 31, 2020

Saying Goodbye to 2020: 6 Ways to Tune into our Hearts for the New Year.

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A year’s end, a New Year’s Eve, is a time to clean our pockets and review all that we are carrying—to decide upon what to still hold precious and what to dissolve into infinite space that no longer serves.

When our inner world is tidied, we are more useful and loving in our outer world and much more beneficial. I come to this year’s end with a renewed sense of self and a renewed sense of life’s flow.

For tidying our inner and outer space, I chose heartful and heartfelt ritualistic ceremonious pleasures that are beneficial for ourselves and our planet.

Even though there is a myriad of choices, choosing the ones that are most soothing to our souls should be our only choice. We only have 24 hours or an evening for ceremony, so selecting the ones that call to us is the most efficient and beneficial.

Therefore, I offer the tried and loved versions of ones I have grown to embody and use with an open heart and untethered mind.

1. A word.

In the coming year, we may choose to travel with a word or phrase that supports and grounds us in our travels throughout the coming days. We may know it immediately, or it may grow within us and plant seeds of knowing. It may go dormant at times, then sprout up once again when we are in need.

With our word comes a knowing and an offering of its embodiment. My word has already begun to sow in my heart—worthy. If your word hasn’t made itself known as of yet, fear not, as it will come to you in the coming days of our new year.

Having a word is like having a backup in our pocket—a reminder that we are not alone in our practice of life, that it was chosen to enhance our existence and helps us to remain steady on our path and in our growth. Knowing the word is the fertile soil that helps us sprout our most authentic inner and outer life.

2. A saging.

Burning sage or smudging is a way to bring in a calming, soft vibe that induces good tidings—balancing our souls and homes. All that is required is a good and loving intention to release all things not serving us, and allowing in love and light and harmony. It is okay to sit for a few minutes and breathe deeply into what you’d like to call more of into your life and also what you’d like to release out of your life. (*Please make sure to review safety precautions beforehand.)

3. A round of cards.

Some days, I like to pull a card from my oracle or tarot card deck and use my intuition that has been dormant for far too long. Pulling a card has helped me to align with my inner knowing. Pulling cards is an art form that I am growing to love. I have been practicing for a few years now, and my self-guidance has appeared within—my own truth and observations resonate within me when I know it is for my highest good.

When it doesn’t apply to my life as I wish, I make plans to readjust any thinking or behaviors that are needed. Pulling a card or a round of cards is fitting for the new year—to see how we settle the old and how we will begin anew.

4. A tidying of temple or a scavenger hunt.

A run-through of our home with a quickness that allows for our centered self to decide on any objects that are no longer needed in our space. If they no longer remind us of the goodness in our lives, they must go—for they hold energy that we no longer need on our journey and may be useful for another’s journey. Donations centers or friends and acquaintances may be in need of what is no longer serving us.

5. A meditation.

Meditation is a daily ritual of self-care for me. It resonates within my heart and body and centers me for the day ahead. New Year’s Eve is no different. Meditation to bring in the new year with our most centered selves is a gift we can offer ourselves, our coming year, and our world. I will be meditating upon the space element, one of the Tibetan Buddhist five-element healing meditations that heal ignorance and separation and help create the quality of openness within our hearts.

6. A few farewell tidings.

This is a new ritual ceremony I will be starting this year. A bit of a meditation of sorts. A few short and thoughtful steps are necessary: ground into yourself with breath and, if you feel called, hands to heart and belly (or pelvis—again, if you feel called). Breathe deeply into your heart and belly/pelvis and become present with yourself.

When you feel ready, ask what no longer serves you—what attachment(s) do you have that are holding you back from being your most grounded centered self? Write what you need to on a small piece of paper and give it to the fire—letting it drift off, releasing it with the old wind making room within.

Fire is our antidote to attachment in the authentic Tantra practices I teach and practice myself. The flames of the fire will dissolve our attachments allowing us to magnetize into life more of what we want. (*Please remember all safety precautions.)

Blessings and good tidings to you and yours.

May this find you safe and manifesting all your dreams.



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