December 8, 2020

The Key to Balancing our Energy.

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Sometimes I find it hard to balance my energetic, spiritual, and feminine-based practices with my controlling, action-oriented, project managing, masculine task-based practices.

I find myself in an awkward dance between masculine and feminine energies.

At times, I really love the twirl wind dance of the feminine energy, she feels light and free and emotional; she has no destination—she just is. She is tantalizing and soaring through the air.

I feel this energy right now, and it’s incredibly challenging to ground at times. Often I want to just revel up here in the feelings of bliss and cosmic connection. I can feel my third eye chakra opening and vibrating along with my crown in a unison dance.

Then there’s my masculine energy; it’s a bit more grounded, dense, and still incredibly important to my ability to survive in this third dimensional reality. The masculine allows me to fulfill my visions, to execute on my dreams, and to ground the higher energies in action into this earthly world.

I find myself, at times, being in one energy when I want to be in the other. I am loving this feminine feeling of energy when she’s light and airy, but sometimes she is a dreadful pain—when she is in all the feels and deep in her emotional sorrow. In those times, I just want freedom and release from her intensity. I want to escape and run away, hide and pretend these emotions don’t exist. She can be so neurotic and make absolutely no sense! And yet, that is her beauty, her mystery, her allure.

The awkward yet mystical, titillating dance of masculine and feminine energies within our own whole and complete selves can be mastered and turned into a cosmic dance of balance and flow. And that’s the ultimate goal.

As human beings, we all have masculine and feminine energies within us, and the goal for us all is to become intimate with both energies. We must heal all the gunk that shows up along the way so that we can become so much more intimate with ourselves.

We must embrace the pain, immerse ourselves in the nature of our inner control freak, and dive deep into our fears—and embrace them with love.

We do all this, not for anyone outside of ourselves, or for anything outside of ourselves, really—we do this repeating, interchangeable dance so that we can explore harmony from within. Harmony can only be achieved when both energies are free.

And that freedom comes when you make the effort to personally get to know your own masculine and your own feminine inside of you. The more you make the conscious effort to familiarize yourself with these two opposing yet unifying forces within, the more you will experience completion and wholeness without.

Ways to connect with your inner feminine:


Take a luxurious bath for at least 15 minutes of soak time

Feel your emotions and reflect on them


Practice yin yoga

Take up cooking!

Dance like no one’s watching (I’m serious)

Rest and do nothing with no agenda

Just be


Cozy up with a good book

Ways to connect with your inner masculine:

Make a to-do list!

Join a competitive sport

Work, work, work!


Take a drive for fun

Get sh*t done!

Accomplish your goals

Pay your bills and handle your finances 

These different practices are just some examples of ways that we can connect to these different energies. But the truth is, we can bring feminine and masculine energies to all these practices and that’s the ultimate goal.

When you achieve balance and wholeness from within, your kickboxing routine will be both a masculine outlet of physical energy and a feminine process of emotional catharsis. Your work will begin to feel like play; you’re getting sh*t done, and you feel like you’re at a spa while you’re doing it?! No way! How can that be?!

It just can. If you believe that it can, it will be that way. You can have the best of both worlds in one. The key is to keep discovering it.

How can you see both masculine and feminine energies at work in your own life? What habits and patterns do you have that are imbalanced, and could use a little bit of one or the other?

Look at it like a recipe—you make some delicious soup and then you go to add the spices. You put your salt in, and it’s good, but it’s still missing that one other ingredient that will make it rock your world—and then you realize you need some garlic. And bam! The recipe is complete, and your soup is a fantastic meal rather than just a good one.

Balancing these energies is as simple as that!

It’s important for both men and women to explore this within themselves.

So, next time you go out to do your routine workout, or you sit down at your desk to work, ask yourself how you can bring a little extra flavor to your life.


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