December 31, 2020

35 Intentions I’m Setting for the New Year.

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As I say goodbye to 2020, I welcome in the New Year through intentions and gratitude.

I have been working on this list for some time now.

These are intentions, not resolutions. I am not giving anything up—I’m going to add to enhance my life and the lives of others.

This is envisioning and fashioning a life. These are dreams and goals. We all have them and sometimes they get pushed aside.

The following is a composition that I will try to stay true:

1. I intend to write with purpose and to write what my heart has been holding onto. This past year, I have been working on a couple of projects that I’ve been holding close to my heart. This year, I will finish and let go!

2. Give more freely. I yearn to give more freely of my gifts, time, and presence.

3. I will strive to be gentle with my thoughts, words, and actions.

4. I will cook food I enjoy and eat what makes me feel good.

5. I will strive to wake early to offer prayers and intentions, even if it is an extra 15 minutes dedicated to solitude and softness.

6. Do things for others in which I will get nothing in return (acts of service).

7. Have fun daily (activity of pleasure). This year has taught me the importance of this.

8. I will strive to offer up my gratitudes.

9. I will let go of grievances (daily). I will strive to let go each day and not take my grievances to bed at the end of the day.

10. Buy more house plants.

11. Invest in silk pajamas.

12. Return to writing real letters and sending parcels.

13. Exercise for health and fun. To be gentle and nourish and restore when I’m depleted.

14. Donate that which I do not use.

15. Journal and plan holidays, even if alone.

16. Frame my own art and gift to friends.

17. Print photos and frame them.

18. Take long hikes on new trails.

19. I will indulge in finger paint when I’m not working and put on perfume.

20. Make weekly goals.

21. Laugh and not take things so seriously.

22. Replace coffee for herbal tea when able.

23. Stalk up on dark chocolate.

24. Organize my writing.

25. Organize my books.

26. Watch as many sunrises and sunsets as I can.

27. Learn to make ethnic dishes I enjoy.

28. I will clean my digital house.

29. I will work on getting rid of old towels and linens and replacing them with new, brighter versions.

30. Food prep—this is something I need to schedule in my calendar.

31. Do restorative meditation.

32. Buy more flowers.

33. Surround myself with beauty.

34. I will learn to fix things and learn new crafts.

35. I will go on dates. I want to take myself on dates and hopefully go on dates with others. In isolation, we have learned new ways to connect. This is a blessing. We need connection. We need love.

These are my 35 intentions that I have for 2021.

Before the New Year, I plan to write a letter saying thank you to 2020.

I encourage you to explore and make your own list!

Working through this list will take time, dedication, and self-love. When we write out what we want, we are making a contract.

Cheers to a fresh start and new beginnings. I believe each moment is a new start, and we begin anew again and again, coming back with attention to our intentions.

I encourage you to let 2021 in with love.

Just before midnight, I will be opening the door and taking a deep breath, letting 2021 graciously in.

Wherever you are, I wish you peace, love, and light.





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Read 14 comments and reply

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