December 23, 2020

Most of us go through most of our lives without ever bothering to get to know ourselves. ~ Waylon H. Lewis

My new book is coming out. Here’s an excerpt.


Immerse yourself in appreciating the details of this life. The present moment will save you…& then be gone, replaced by a new moment. Touch, & let go. This is our practice.

Meditation is a practice you can bring with you anywhere. You can do it before a big meeting, after you wake up, before you go to bed—whenever you feel like you need to come back to the present moment.

Meditation isn’t escape—it helps us participate more fully in our lives. Anything that’s important—love, a business insight, a first bite of tasty food—happens in the now, in the present moments of life.

The point of meditation practice is not to be perfect or to attain a higher state, but simply to practice returning, again and again, to this present moment—to fully embody your life. It’s called “practice” for a reason.

The point of meditation is not to get rid of anything, or to find peace. We can be present with whatever comes up—which is unconditionally powerful. Meditation is actually getting into yourself, and developing a sense of humor about ourselves.


The above is an excerpt from Waylon H. Lewis’ forthcoming book, It’s Never too Late to Fall in Love with Your Life: Practical Buddhist advice for Everyday Life. It’s 365 quotes, with commentary, one for every day. Pre-order it here and save $5.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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