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December 29, 2020

The last Full Moon of 2020 may Activate the Mother and Father of All Emotional Wounding.

From a spiritual perspective, PTSD symptoms originate from the shadow aspects of ourselves; or otherwise known as the sensations that our nervous system protected us from feeling to preserve our survival instincts by not overwhelming our bodies. The moon signals the shadow energy of the cosmos—thus, it’s movement through the zodiac constellations directly impacts the experience of PTSD for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. 

Speaking from experience, I metaphorically came out swinging full force at every trigger when I was unaware of how this cosmic phenomenon influenced my emotional energy. I’ve come to realize that this is one of the reasons why survivors can end up unknowingly recreating the chaotic, disruptive and unstable patterns of their trauma. The challenge arises from utilizing our familiar mental schemas and experiences to interpret the now mysterious and shadow nature of our PTSD symptoms. 

Unbeknownst to many, the movement of the lunar astrological tides activates the contrast energetic climate that is necessary for us to fulfill particular emotional needs. Unfortunately, in the midst of intense emotional triggers, most people do not intentionally respond to satisfy the core emotional needs embedded in their triggers. Rather, the much stronger fear of the unknown that is triggered in our inner child overwhelms many survivors to continue prematurely reacting to ‘survive’. 

Such reactivity can compromise our lifestyle and wellbeing because we are now protecting ourselves from a threat that no longer exists in real time. Deepening my understanding of the lunar astrology energies was the lighthouse that gradually enabled to become more embodied in navigating the dark tunnel of healing the shadow wounds from my experience of childhood sexual abuse. 

In sharing all of this, I believe that my commitment to consciously attuning to the lunar astrological energy has been leading up to confidently riding the emotional waves of the full moon on December 30th, 2020. So, it was only natural for me to extend this awareness to other survivors of childhood sexual abuse who desire more resilience and stability during these next couple days.

During this full moon, the Sun is in Capricorn, which emanates the grounded paternal energy of the zodiac. The moon will be in Cancer, the astrological womb of the zodiac, which can tend to our pain with the strength and tenderness of the ocean. The masterfully expressed Capricorn energy activates our mature intent to experience ourselves as competent, successful and valuable. Juxtaposed with the immensely nurturing Cancer energy, which stimulates our desire to feel unconditionally loved, seen and accepted.

I would argue that few survivors of childhood sexual abuse experienced those combination of emotional needs. Hence, as the astrological energies of the full moon propel us to embody specific emotional needs, our inner child reacts by clinging to the patterns that protected us from feeling the void of those emotional needs. 

In essence the full moon is curating a perfect energetic storm, for our inner child to demand the wholeness, which has alluded us as a result of remnants of unprocessed trauma. Akin to a child throwing a tantrum to demand their parent’s attention—our inner child’s coded messages for their long awaited wholeness will be signaled through situations that evoke quite the opposite of competence or compassion.

To encourage survivors of childhood sexual abuse to employ the outmost self empathy, understanding and awareness during the full moon would be the biggest understatement of 2020. As a lunar astrological medium, my professional offering include, tailoring more specific mindfulness insights that empower survivors to remain embodied in trusting their higher wisdom during specific zodiac triggers. 

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