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January 8, 2021

Call to action

At once…Immediately…Urgent

I’m called toward the injustices which cannot wait

Cloak me in the cloths of rightness, of righteousness for Her name’s sake

For my black sister’s name’s sake

For my brown sister’s name’s sake

For my name’s sake

For your name’s sake

Send me into the fray

with the best words to say

to let those within the sound of my voice

hear the truth, know the truth

knowing that whatever discomfort bubbles up

in the ears, hearts, guts of those who hear,

this is the message

The discomfort is the message

The fear and loathing is the message

The desire to attack me, the effort to silence me is the message

It’s not about me

Seek the truth about the source of your discomfort, your fear and loathing

Therein lies the answer

Fix it…




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