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January 9, 2021

Coco for cocoa powder!

We often talk about getting adequate vitamins in our diet through vegetables and lean proteins. Oftentimes, though, we overlook the health benefits of getting adequate minerals in our diet. One of the best hacks to incorporating some of these essential minerals in your diet is to make “old fashioned hot cocoa.” Everyone makes fun of me for this, but what I mean by “old fashioned hot cocoa” is simply cocoa powder + water/ milk alternative. All you have to do is simply add two scoops of cocoa powder to hot water (or microwave 2 min) and add your favorite milk or milk substitute. Or, replace the water with milk or a milk alternative for more protein (though do not use protein powder or it will clump up with the heat). Visit GoCheezy for the full mineral profile of a glass of true hot cocoa. Feel free to add a pinch of stevia if necessary to add a little sweetness! Also be sure to get the “non-alkalized” version of cocoa powder, as the alkalized process (also known as “dutching”) used in Swiss Miss and most “hot cocoa” removes as much as half of the antioxidant properties of the cocoa. Plus, NO sugar!

Full mineral profile of “old fashioned hot cocoa” here.

Two other important properties (among others) of hot cocoa include the mood enhancers present in the powder (though there is some caffeine), as well as its powerful antioxidant profile. Also, try adding a pinch (or two) of cinnamon for an extra anti-oxidant boost and taste!

Highest antioxidant food items here.

Never knew drinking hot cocoa could make you “feel” so good ?

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