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January 20, 2021

Eye Sight

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels.

As the day fades away
deep into the horizon
and the trees glimmer in the distance
another day is put to bed
tucked in tight.
I feel it in my eyes.
I opened them wide and explored the new sights
They saw differently today
They weren’t laden with pain
or blurry with suffering.
They weren’t dodging other heart humans
or sinking into the depths of the sidewalk.
They were open and bright
high in the sky
viewing all the sights that were dearly missed.
It was a day of heart shimmies
Where I opened to friends and we looked
We explored.
ohhh! What’s this in here?
How’d that get in there?
And together we slightly tugged it loose
lovingly brought it out of the shadows
and blew off it’s heart dust.
We talked it into softening
and letting go it’s grips on darkness.
Together we cleaned out our chests and set things on the curb.
Hoping to make more space
for you.

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