January 18, 2021

Oh Darling, You’ll Never be Good Enough!

Masha Raymers/Pexels

Give all the love you have


All you’ll ever have

They will always be the center of your world

But you’ll never be.

Stifle your voice

Hide your tears

Go to bed, every night

Wrapped in the blanket of your dear fears;

With one call,

You’ll forget yourself


Give everything you have to them.

You’ll always be there for them

Hoping that they would too

Except, they’ll never be.

Your life will pass you by

While you wait for their approval.

You’ll keep changing masks one after the other

Searching for the perfect one,

Except, that it will never be.

Oh, you do everything right!

There’s nothing wrong with you.

It’s just that, you want others to see 

The things you never see within.

You want someone else to find you

When you’re getting lost in them.

You wish for someone to unlock a door

Whose key lies with you & within.

Oh Darling, How can that be?

Perhaps, you’re just not good enough


Will never be

Unless you look within.

What is good enough?

How much of being good enough is enough?

Is that all there is to our lives? To slog our asses off just to fit into someone else’s mould? And for what?

For just one feeling—that we are good enough. We are worthy of being loved, appreciated, and understood.

We run from person to person. We attach our identity to everyone who shows even a glimmer of care or concern, only to realise that we are chasing shadows.

No matter what we do, how well we do it, and how much of it we do—it will never be good enough.

This enough will never be enough because it doesn’t exist.

All our efforts to get others to recognize and validate our sense of self continue to go into a bottomless pit.

Nothing stays. We pour and pour, and it’s never enough.

It will never be because the pit is inside of us.

A deep, never-ending pit. We keep pouring and we don’t know where our efforts go.

In the end, all we are left with is this feeling that whatever we do, isn’t good enough.

We tuck ourselves into bed, wiping our tears and covering ourselves up with layers and layers of fear, anxiety, worry, and sadness.

Before we realise, we have turned into some version of ourselves that we ourselves don’t recognize and like.

Then, the whole drama begins again.

The hunger for understanding, appreciation, validation increases with every passing minute, leaving us at the mercy of those around us.

It all continues—till we reach a point where we can no longer take it.

We break and prove to ourselves all over again that we are “not good enough.”

The only way to break out of this—to close the pit—is to seal it with our own sense of who we are and who we want to be.

It’s to stand in front of the mirror and tell ourselves loudly and clearly that “I am good enough for myself.”

It’s to take off all these masks that we keep putting on in order to be liked, loved, and cared for, and uncover our real self in all its glory.

To embrace our own darkness and light.

Our virtues and vices.

Our strengths and shortcomings.

To collect our broken pieces and transform them into our authentic selves—with the cracks still visible.

The only way is to allow our souls to breathe.

Because the fact is that, Darling, you always have been and will always be, simply enough for yourself.

You are all that you need.


Yuliya Kosolapova/Pexels

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Read 19 comments and reply

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