February 25, 2021

What to Remember when Faced with Unrequited Love.

He touched me with the invisible hand that is not limited by time and space, bringing me into a space of stillness and peace I hadn’t experienced before.

Love beholds no limitation, but the fear of separation can limit us far beyond our eyes can see.


Intimacy is when two souls meet and recognize themselves in each other.

The one who is looking becomes the one being looked at. The feelings of two being synchronized into one. After an experience like this, you no longer know if you are one love or two individuals.

Maybe it is a bit of both, and this is the duality of the life we live. Perhaps the truth is not what I thought it to be. Truth and facts are not one and the same, but strangely, they complement each other by revealing each blind spot. This dark spot or black hole reveals the most significant truth that can change the entire trajectory of one’s life.

I was seeking approval from a man who left me in want. There was something about him that I cannot find the words to describe—a recognition, a profound awakening every time we met. Only not everything in life turns out to make sense, neither does my love for him. This is not the end of love, but merely the end of needing his approval, attention, affection, and external validation. It is the end of an unrequited love filled with expectations and disappointment.

I am allowing a new phase of my life to unfold, letting go of my fantasy of what should have been. I am giving birth to a new beginning filled with unconditional love so deep, so profound it can only be found in the center of my being, the core of who I am. A fresh start, I feel in the depth of my heart.

My heart is the eternal force that guides me through life. It left me with a message that I am meant to share with you.

“What the caterpillar calls the end the master calls the butterfly.” ~ Richard Bach

There will be moments, obstacles, and situations that will challenge the truth of who you are. You live in a time where you are bombarded with fear from different directions. This is confusing, challenging, and painful, but you are strong and resilient. You can withstand the storm. You can hold your center in the chaos. You can remember that you are love.

When you can love in times of difficulty, you are resilient. This resilience will never leave or abandon you. Even though you might forget it at times. You are love, and love is you. It resides here in your heart. Give it to yourself for a change. I know you have given it to others many times before. Some have given you love in return; some didn’t. This says nothing about you or your ability to love.

Hold yourself with love in moments of anxiety, despair, and heartbreak. You are resilient; you can move through it. Don’t give up on hope. Don’t give up on love. Don’t give up on who you are. Within your vulnerability, you can find your resilience.

Wake up to see the wholeness of who you are. You are the dark and the light. You are the world reflecting back to you, and you are the love you seek. Within your heart, there is the capacity to love every part of you. Yes, it can be challenging. There will be moments when you fail to love yourself or the person next to you. There will be moments when fear wiggles its way in your mind. There are times when you fear love itself.

You can find love for yourself on your worst days. Yes, you are; the truth is not that far. When you make mistakes, you are still worthy of love. These moments don’t make you any less divine.

Even when you don’t believe in love, love will continue to believe in you.

The unconscious is waiting for you to release control. When you surrender your need for control, love finds its way back to you. You will find love, and love has already found you. And so you remember that you are love and love is you.


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