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March 26, 2021

10 signs from my visit to the Memorial in Boulder, this morning.

A few days ago, my fellow citizens were murdered—my town violated by a crazy man without support, but with access to a brand-new AR-15. Yesterday, Republicans refused to make even the most modest gun reform, that is widely supported even by gun owners. This morning, I biked out to the memorial.

A few days ago, my town suffered a mass shooting.

I’ve attended a vigil, shared articles with millions of readers about commonsense gun reform 90% of us can agree on, and cried, and recorded videos, and stared at the lit-up star on the mountain with dread (see videos). But I hadn’t been out the the site.

I biked out this morning, just before our Friday Elephant Academy session.

I biked South, to where the white snowy mountains loom darkly over the shopping mall plaza where King Soopers, now surrounded by fence and security vehicles, sits.

Many people were arriving, walking left and right all along the fence. Many were crying. One deranged lady screamed in anger and terror, scaring everyone. Ah, this country, right now.

Here were 10 poems and signs that caught my bleary eyes.



From my friend, Ryan’s visit to the memorial, a far more beautiful and moving video:

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