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March 3, 2021

How does this 14-year-old entrepreneur balance his routine and handle stress management?

Children nowadays are extremely quick-witted. They are exposed to advanced technologies right from the time of their birth, unlike those born in the 80s and 90s. Many youngsters are utilizing it smartly. When I met Barathkumaar Ravikumaar on LinkedIn, I was pleasantly surprised. His attitude and politeness mesmerized and inspired me to learn more. Behold! He is just 14-years-old.

He is a gratified tech entrepreneur and business consultant, who has completed more than 200 courses online. He is working with clients all over the world under his brand name “Digital Barath”. He has created a hype among youngsters for himself. He has been published under Shortfundly, Thrive Global and Vikatan.

Let us sneak-peek into the conversation.

Q: Who is your role model?

Barathkumaar: The great Indian who quoted “Wear your failure as a badge of honour”. Yes, my role model is Sunder Pichai.

Q: How did you nurture your business?

Barathkumaar: I remember this quote by Jill Rowley “Linkedin is no longer an online resume. It’s your digital reputation”. I build and am building my business through LinkedIn. Last month, I was able to purchase iPhone with my earnings.

Q: How many members are there in your team?

Barathkumaar: A big business starts small. I didn’t have my own team. But my uncle, Mr.Srinivasan Nadar, and Aunt Revathi played the role of assisting me and the cowboy started riding. My grandfather, R.Thangaraj, took a lot of risks to ensure that I travel safely. Three months ago, I got an amazing mentor Umesh Raaj. He has been a guiding Messiah for me. After that, they became a part of my team. They are the people who helped me to achieve flying colours and come with my ventures.

Q: How is your bond with your team members and clients?

Barathkumaar: I have an awesome client ~ Laura O’ Connel, who is the Principal Architect at Path HR. We connected through an SEO project. At present, reverse mentorship works for us. We swap our knowledge. I teach her about Technology and she teaches me about overseas business and our reverse mentorship works like a spark.

Q: How do you balance your studies and life?

Barathkumaar: I get clients from Linkedin. I have optimised my Linkedin profile rigorously. I post knowledgeable posts consistently which helped me build my client network and audience base. I manage my time constructively. I will focus on only one work at a time and I will complete it in a short period of time and move to the next. I spend 3 hours a day maximum and 25 hours a week on my business. My routine depends on concentrating on the school from morning to evening and once I complete my homework, I will move to do my business. My principal Chitra ma’am, Sivakasi Jaycees School, Mom, and my school staffs gave me a lot of free will to emerge out of my ventures.

Q: What motivates you to keep learning?

Barathkumaar: I always modernize myself and get updated in the way technology gets updated each day. I will daily listen to the success stories of Sundar Pichai, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. I also read or watch news about the latest technology on Youtube or other Resources.

Q: What is your future goal?

Barathkumaar: My future goal is to establish a million-dollar company like Apple and Google. I have the desire to be the CEO of my own business empire.

Q: What is your message to all the students?

Barathkumaar: I wish to say this to my students- Do whatever you like and whatever you think as your passion. Don’t do something being forced by your parents or someone else. Your job and what you are going to study must be your choice, not someone else’s. That’s the one thing I wish to say to all the youngsters of my age.

Q: How do you manage to stay calm?

Barathkumaar: I listen to music. I read books like “The Alchemist” to keep myself engaged. I eat a balanced diet and stay away from junk food. I focus on today, rather than tomorrow. Meditation keeps me calm and composed in hectic situations.

Isn’t his attitude and vision inspiring? Let’s learn and grow!

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