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March 18, 2021

I dread the night. {Poem}

I feel torn because on one hand

I never want the day to end

I dread the time when I have to sleep

It never goes the way I intend

I lie there for hours alone with my thoughts

That I can’t stop no matter how hard I try

I never give up hope that I’ll finally fall asleep

But it’s something that all night I have to try

I despise the night time with everything in me

It always feels like such a chore

When I finally get to sleep, an hour later I wake up

And then it’s back to square one, what a bore

It’s late at night when the demons appear

Along with the sadness, exhaustion and pain

They’re always against me and I feel so alone

Please don’t let night time come again

But during the day I don’t feel the same way

I just want the whole day to be finished

With all of the bad feelings that come and go

What would it take for them all to be diminished?

It’s a vicious circle of dreading the morning

And dreading the night time too

It’s like I can’t win with every state that I’m in

But for now I’m going to have to make do

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