March 26, 2021

Libra Full Moon: Igniting a New Cycle within our Relationships. {March 28-29}

“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed

Life is all about relationships. 

Our relationship to life, to death, to “other,” to ourselves, to our work, to our emotions, to our minds, to our spiritual selves. “Relationship” is a broad way of encapsulating how the individual self relates to the more cosmic self. 

Relationship is all about our perspective.

Who are we in relation to this person, place, thing, or idea? Relationships can only be as defined as they are malleable, changeable. No relationship is ever fixed. We are constantly changing and evolving, and so are our relationships. We weren’t meant to stay the same, nor were the relationship dynamics or people we relate to.

We all come into this world as pure potential—pure source—ready and waiting to create. We all come into this form to learn what it means to be human and forget, more often than not, what it really means to be spiritual.

We come to this Earthly realm to learn about form—all the different forms energy takes. Whether it be a plant, a rock, a person, a lover, a career, a home, these are the points at which we learn the pureness or the muddiness behind our own creation. Are we creating from an energetic source of love and infinite potential? Or are we creating from an old, energetic blueprint of limitation, lack, and fear?

Physical matter mirrors energetics (if we are willing and open to see it as such). And, of course, not to blame or shame the self in the process of witnessing our creations. We are always learning and playing with it, after all. Allow it to be energetic play, and that alone will free up more space for pure energetic source to come through.

We all come into this life and get wounded. We bear this wound for the rest of this human incarnation. It doesn’t mean it defines us, nor does it need to be the limitation, but rather the entry point into deepening healing capacity, infinite compassion for self and other—potential for self-evolution and empowerment.

We are in such a potent time energetically right now. 

Astrologically speaking, we have just closed maybe one of the harder, more relentless, exhausting, challenging, bleak, and confusing astrological years that many of us have seen and lived through. For those fortunate enough to still be living and in good health, we have survived a global pandemic, one that is still not quite over, it seems.

We came out of Pisces season, wrung out, stretched, opened into the depths of our emotional waters, saying goodbye to the old. Pisces season was a time-out, for a time in. A time to go inward, so far into the spiritual self that we thought we maybe would never want to (or be able to) come back out again. We faced any shadows we needed to—our emotional debris of this last year and counting—of all the cycles we have been going through internally and externally.

For those doing the internal work consciously, we, too, may have even felt at a loss as to why we were feeling so god awful, near the point of throwing up our hands in defeat. It was not an easy way to close out the cycle of this astrological year. But, we made it, somehow. The human self is more resilient than we give it credit for, especially when coupled with the infinite power of the soul. 

We entered Aries season on March 20, ushering in the new cycle of the zodiac year with a bang.

Even if you aren’t normally sensitive to collective energy, many felt this change—a quickening, an opening, a picking up of speed, a lightening, a renewal, a fresh start. Aries is a fire sign, so perhaps, we felt like a fire was lit under our butts to get moving!

But, movement for the sake of movement without a firm intention—a vision of the bigger picture—can burn us out quickly. It can overwhelm our nervous systems and end before we even begin. We need fire to enact change, and we need to tend to our energy reserves with care, diligence, and responsibility.

The 2020 astrological year was a time of destruction. The 2021 astrological year is still a removal of the old, but in a subliminal space of the in-between—seeing the other side of creation, seeing what we want to, and now having the space to create. 

How amazing is that? 

Before last year and clearing out all that old energy, we would never have had the space we do now to create something new. And this time, we can choose which intention and energy we create that from. That is our power and our free will choice.

The Libra full moon on March 28-29th, at 8 degrees of the diplomatic air sign, comes at just the right time to show us another level of healing, release, and renewal. 

It is an opportunity to begin afresh—cycle around our relationships, to self and others.

On March 20, we had the Equinox, a time of increased or decreased lightning depending on where you fall in the hemispheres. For many of us in the northern hemisphere, this day marked the point of increasing light in our day-to-day world. A day of renewal and hope that the light was returning. A chance to close out cycles and begin anew. A day where the promise of new life was felt on a visceral level for those open to feeling that energetic portal of alignment.

If used with intention and heart, this energetic opening had the potential to call in new energy in our external world, that is, if we have been doing the inner work of clearing out and making room for the new. Magic is as real as we make it and believe it to be, after all, because belief is the attraction point of all our hopes, wishes, and desires.

And, on the opposing side, of our fears, wounds, and perceived limitations. You are that powerful creator. Your beliefs and perceptions shape the world we live in now, as energy is more and more permeable. And, as many of us are remembering our previously shunned, shamed, criticized, and ridiculed sensitivities.

So, don’t be surprised if you have been feeling more in general—more sensitive, more intensity, more emotional. We are all on this shared but differing journey of expanding back into our more psychic, spiritual awareness, letting judgment and persecution of those abilities and gifts fall away as fast or slowly as we can integrate wholly.

Many of us energetically sensitive souls may have felt the energy shifts in the ethers super intensely, possibly draining us of our energy. For others, it has been amping us up, shifting our energy fields into higher modes of vibration so more light can enter, releasing old residue of past energy. For many of us, this has meant sleeping less to assimilate these downloads, changes, and energy. If insomnia has not been your friend, it’s been a time to make it your friend—resist less and surrender more.

The more we resist, the more intense the experience is, after all. The ego can grip and claw as much as it would like to try to change the discomfort or unpleasant nature of our own awakening and ego surrender, or we can be willing to drop into the heart, open to the light, surrender deeper into the process and maybe, just maybe find more of our truer self in the process.

At the time of this full moon in Libra, there will be an alignment in the skies of Venus, Chiron, and the Sun in Aries (Libra’s opposing sign). 

Venus and Chiron are also transiting in the sign of Aries. Chiron is the wounded healer, and, being in Aries, it has been showing us the wounds to our sense of individual selves and freedoms. Where have we been allowing our wounds to this sense of egoic self hold us back from expanding beyond what we could possibly imagine? This could be in terms of our abundance blocks, our blocks to fulfillment in romantic or working relationships, especially with the full moon being in Libra, the sign of relationships.

Venus rules Libra. And, it is opposing this full moon. We are seeing our reflections of our values or a misplaced sense of self in the other. Everything is a mirror right now—who and what we value, how much our wounds are leading us. Or, perhaps, where we have the opportunity to transmute the wound with loving awareness and drop into the heart space and reflect from that standpoint of truth.

It’s never about finding perfection, though, nor negating our wounds. It’s about coming into a relationship with ourselves from a perspective of embracing our wounds and our relationships as portals to remembering our innate wholeness.

The Libra full moon is shining its light on the individual self (Aries) and how our wounds (Chiron) to this sense of self (ego) have shaped our sense of values, worth, and possibility in relationships (Venus).

If that isn’t the perfect recipe for change and deeper rooting into our authentic selves, I don’t know what is. 

We are beginning a new cycle, where we are being shown in our external worlds what we are carrying within us. What beliefs and perspectives are we aligning to? That will always, always be mirrored to us in one way or another externally. As within, so without.

This full moon has a lot of fire and air to it. We may be feeling charged up but still uncertain as to where we are going. We may feel reinvigorated with a sense of purpose and resolve for freedom in the area of our life that Aries falls into (see which house in your birth chart Aries is in). And, yet, the fuller picture is not totally clear. We are learning to trust more and more the unseen, felt experience of our own intuition guiding us again, even if that feels threatening to our egoic self or foreign still.

Keep trusting. Keep trusting even when you feel you made a detour, even when old wounds resurface, know that all the perceived detours and wounds are only there to show us more of the wholeness of self we missed in the first place. Call back your energy from all the people, places, and things that are no longer in alignment with who you are now. You are allowed to call this energy back. It is your most precious source of energy to create.

Relationships are always a prime source of teaching. We can see what thoughts and beliefs we are holding onto, still, for dear life. Or, we can see and shift into a perspective of more expansive possibility. To not be defined anymore by our own perceived limitations, past, or wounds. But, to reassimilate this information back into its pureness of source: creation.

We can always reroute, come back to our hearts, soften into this moment, root into our bodies, trust the intelligence there, within us, guiding us always.

Remember, no one is judging or scoring your progress. No one is watching for you to slip up. No one is here to hold judgment over how you choose to live your life, to learn and grow as you only can. Release judgment, guilt, and shame with this full moon. Step into the sovereignty of your own heart. If a way of relating or relationship to a person, place, or thing no longer feels good, allow that to be okay, without the need to judge the self or other and make it wrong. We can always, always shift back to a truer place of connection.

Give yourself infinite permission to love and accept the one learning how to open to life again. Keep surrendering. Trust that, even in the breakdowns, there is a breakthrough to the other side of creative potential.

Let this full moon realign our hearts with new, expansive, loving ways of relating to ourselves and others. Allow freedom to feel safer with each breath. Allow yourself to surrender even more with each breath in and out. Let the breath be your anchor, your teacher, and your guide. And let loving awareness hold you always in its warm, cradling arms as we continue to shift, expand, and let go.


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