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March 2, 2021

My Pen is a Flashlight (poem)

My pen is a flashlight; it helps me see,

A vision of love that will never be.

I compose your eyes, but they look away.

Tears drip like ink; lines have something to say.

I keep drawing then my emotions fall.

I keep climbing but my ladder’s too small.

From your brilliant mind sprouts beautiful hair,

My pen mimics your beauty with care.

I know you’re lost, but I search for a way.

Euphoric love— yes,I know it’s cliché.

Wondering how many years this could drawl,

I keep climbing but my ladder’s too small.

Larger-than-life but oddly so shy;

Risking my heart, I was willing to try.

It’s time to erase imagination,

I’ve grown weary with anticipation.

I’m everything or I’m nothing at all.

I keep climbing but my ladder’s too small.

I’ve tried to ignore why I’m feeling blue,

My thoughts touch the paper, so now they’re true.

You won’t extend the ladder, now I see.

The pen moves freely; my lines release me.

It’s time to stop looking with my mind’s eye,

The pen tells the truth and the ink is dry.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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