March 17, 2021

The Doors: Finding the Deeper Meaning of our Dreams.


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I’m quite close to my sisters. 

We share our dreams—literally.

My youngest sister and I both studied psychology simultaneously, even though we are 10 years apart.

Shortly after, she hopped on a plane and headed to Korea to find herself while I, a single parent, settled into a job in healthcare and social work.

Our lives have been extremely different, and yet similarity—a bond—remains.

At the end of last week, Alissa sent me a strange text message: “I need to tell you about the doors…” 

My response was, “Sure. Coffee chat and FaceTime soon.” Some things cannot be explained via text.

Early this week, we connected with our coffee, and she was glowing, sharing news of receiving a permanent teaching job during a pandemic. I congratulated her, and she shared her story about “the doors.”

Alissa leaned forward, appearing to jump into the screen and into my living room, “Recall when I was living in Korea?” she asked. Yes, I breathed deeply and sighed. “Well,” Alissa gushed, “I had this dream about many doors and having to open them all.” 

“That makes sense; you were soul searching,” I say. There was more to it. She added, “At the time, I knew it was a precognitive dream. It was as if I was being shown the way.” I listened intently.

Alissa always wanted to be a teacher—psychology was never her first choice. The first time she applied, she received a rejection letter. At the time, I said, “It isn’t your time. Try again.” She was devastated.

After that first degree, she would go on to travel the world, get married, continue with other degrees, and have children. It was just after having children that she silently returned to obtain her degree in education. 

The doors would reopen and reappear. 

This is true.

Our coffee visit would end with the final door story. Alissa shared that in her new school, the principal shared that their school had many doors that now, due to COVID-19, needed to be opened to allow more airflow. The doors and the school were the same as her dream. When she shared this, I had chills.

Now I nodded, the dots connected.

Regardless of what you believe, the mind and the subconscious work while we’re asleep to heal and make sense of things.

Precognition in dreams is the presentation of information or a “knowing”—a pre-glimpse of something that will happen in the future. I do believe that we all experience this, yet few pay close attention.

I do know that in life, if doors do not open, often, it is just not the right time or place. As humans, we tend to internalize and believe that it is our flaws that prevent us from getting the job, relationship, or advancement. Often, doors may not open because we need to do a few things first.

It is essential that we continue on our journey—that we are open to opportunity.

This all can be extremely hard when what we desire feels so right.

We can be struggling to swim against the tide, at times, and others, barely afloat. It is a skill—to ride the waves and go with the flow while embracing the opportunity. I have had similar experiences.

My sister’s story reminded me of the importance of grounding in the now—being present in life.

Life and its many doors are ready and waiting.

Are you?

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