April 20, 2021

COVID-19: 5 Ways the Pandemic has Taught us to Live Better.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has been tough on so many of us.

It’s so easy to focus on the negatives of what the pandemic has cost us. However, this period in our lives has also taught us a great deal; some of those lessons we should retain even after COVID-19 is back under control.

In this piece, I want to focus on those lessons that I have learned in the hope of inspiring others.

Five lessons the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us:

1. Traveling isn’t as important as we thought it was.

How easy it used to be to think about constant domestic and international travel. Most of the time, we did it just because we could. COVID-19 has reminded us that modern technology allows us to achieve so much even when we are in different locations. The lesson we have learned here applies to both work and social situations.

Of course, we will want to meet and spend time with people again, and that’s natural because, as so many people have said, we are social creatures. However, my hope is we also continue to embrace the options technology provides. The pandemic has forced so many of us to engage with things like video calling. We shouldn’t give that up simply because it’s not a necessity anymore.

 2. Let’s maintain the work-life balance.

Let’s be honest, so many of us did not have the right balance between work and leisure before COVID-19 arrived. A good portion of us worked long hours and spent a lot of time traveling to and from a workplace. However, many of us now work from home and realize the need to separate the time working from leisure time.

We should hold onto that lesson and not jump straight back to the old way of doing things as soon as we feel safe. Instead, we should consider how often we need to be in a physical office and wherever we work; it’s essential to maintain that work-life balance. The pandemic has equally highlighted mental health. We must look after ourselves and be kind to others in the aftermath of it.

3. Support the things we love.

Maybe the pandemic has shown us how important some of our local businesses are to our lives. Before COVID-19, we weren’t focusing so much on how much support a specific company might need. We were probably taking it for granted that they will always be there.

However, the pandemic has shown us that we can’t rely on this, so if you value a brand, be prepared to support them; otherwise, they may not be there tomorrow. I hope we don’t forget that critical principle in the aftermath of the pandemic. COVID-19 has shown us how important community is, and local businesses often are crucial parts of our communities everywhere.

4. Look after our wellbeing.

I have already addressed mental health in this piece. Community, personal connections, and work/life balance are crucial in keeping ourselves healthy. However, don’t forget the importance physical exercise plays as well. Many people (myself included) have been affected by this, especially since gyms have closed around the world at various times.

People have been forced outside due to this, which has led to safety fears when running in bad light. On the positive side, working from home for many of us has highlighted the need to be physically active. We mustn’t forget to keep moving when Covid 19 is no longer seen as a threat.

Modern technology means fitness is more accessible than it was in previous years, so engaging in it doesn’t necessarily mean joining a gym. I hope that we will continue to seek those resources and invest in our own exercise equipment. Looking after ourselves needs to be seen as one of the most important things we can do whatever the health challenges we may face in the future.

5. Climate change is the next challenge to tackle.

One further positive from COVID-19 is that the health crisis has brought climate change into focus. Many of us have stopped traveling (almost entirely); we have seen the positive impact on the environment around us. The aftermath of the pandemic provides an opportunity to continue to live like that as much as possible.

Some of the challenges of climate change seemed impossible before the pandemic hit. Still, now we have a much clear idea of what is possible. We can live a life with less travel; hopefully, healthier and more environmentally-friendly choices can help us save the planet for future generations. Simply put, what seemed important two years ago may not still be important in 2021.

Many people have written about the negative consequences COVID-19 has had on our lives. No one will argue this global health crisis has changed the world in so many profound ways.

However, not everything that has come out of the pandemic is negative, which I have highlighted in this piece. Some of the lessons we can hold onto from COVID-19 include traveling less than we did before, maintaining a better work-life balance, supporting the things we love, looking after our wellbeing, and tackling climate change together.


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