April 14, 2021

A Better Way to Connect to our Inner Guidance (& Why it’s so Important).


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I have the most insightful teacher, and I’m always itching to share her nuggets of wisdom.

Below, I share what I’ve learned and what has helped me to personally feel better in my skin on a day-to-day basis.

If we practice spiritual/energetic connection from the crown or third eye chakra exclusively, we are missing out on deeper, more relevant guidance and information.

The Universe is not only a physical phenomenon—it’s also a consciousness. Most people experience and verbalize the Universe as being “out there.” While there is truth to this, we also must think of the Universe as inside of us. The whole, entire Universe lives within our physical body. Not a piece of it, all of it.

Going within is the only place we will find true guidance.

The body is the gateway for our soul communicating. Remember: the body doesn’t lie. It also doesn’t defer to the beliefs or whims of the ego. It speaks only truth. When we feel something, it is our soul giving us feedback about what is resonate or not resonate for us in that moment.

There are only two states of being: resonate and not resonate. We can feel the difference in our bodies.

Our feelings are always nudging us to ask, “Will this bring the joy I seek? Will this make me feel good?”

Most of us have been taught to connect through the crown (top of the head) and third eye (middle of the forehead) chakras. While there is nothing “wrong” with connecting this way, focusing more on the root (base of the spine) and sacral (just below the belly button) chakras, as well as the legs and feet, allow us more connection with the energy body of Earth, which is where the most specific, relevant, and important information for us will bubble up from.

Let me explain why this distinction is necessary and helpful.

Every single person on Earth is an energy being. We all vibrate and pick up others’ vibrations. We are all connected and we are all one. In fact, from one perspective, there are no individual souls—there is only the Oneness.

Because we are all connected, we are all intuitive as well. Everyone can connect with anyone else at any time, energetically speaking. There is no separation.

We’ve all experienced this in some way. Think of a time you texted someone and they say, “I was just thinking about you!” Or when you get to work and something feels off.

We’re mixing and mingling our energies constantly, which is why it is important to have downtime to clear our field during the day.

When we connect exclusively through the head, we are an open book for all the energies in ego consciousness. We are sending our energy up and out, rather than grounding down. We are also not completely “in” our bodies when we only connect from the waist up. We need to include the entire body.

Let’s talk about the ego for just a moment.

The ego and its role in our journey here are misunderstood. New Age teachings lead us astray on this subject all the time. I could write a book on that (and maybe I will), but please know that we need our ego to exist here and enjoy the reality. Stop fighting to suppress it or “kill it” with mantras and affirmations. Use mantras and affirmations to retrain, not to get rid of or destroy.

The ego’s job is to give the illusion of a physical experience and help us filter information. It’s not trying to be difficult or make us have a bad day. It’s going off what it knows, which is the conditioning it received. Most people don’t know this, but the ego wants to feel safe, good, and loved. This is why people practice affirmations and mantras—to give the ego new language.

The ego is also our fight-or-flight buddy. Befriend it and work with it. It needs to be retrained away from childhood conditioning, not chastised and belittled.

Think of the ego as the software program on a computer. The program itself is neutral until someone starts telling it what actions to perform and how to perform them. All the programming came from our childhood experiences, specifically from ages 0-7 years old.

So, if we want to feel better, we have to clean up the interface, recode, and reprogram.

Connecting with ego consciousness is not wrong or bad; it just won’t feel that great because so many of the downloads are not resonate or relevant for you personally.

Think about being in an extremely loud restaurant and someone is trying to tell you a story. You would be struggling to hear because of all the other noise and feedback. Ego consciousness contains the thoughts, beliefs, and mindsets of every other person on Earth. That’s a pretty loud restaurant, am I right?

So, how do we connect so we are more in tune with Divine consciousness and can hear more pertinent information for us personally?

We connect down rather than up and out.

Try this. The next time you sit down to connect and get present, become more aware of your pelvic bowl. This includes the bottom of your spine and tailbone, the pelvis, the hips, and the sex organs. Creative energy and sexual energy are the same things. We have to get more comfortable with this part of our body.

When you’re connecting, just think: spine, seat, legs, feet.

The root chakra is all about our basic needs. The sacral chakra is our sexual and creative center. Connecting with these chakras plants us firmly (energetically) into the earth. Imagine yourself growing actual roots and sending your energy down through the ground. Breathe. Don’t try to “make” anything happen. Allow, surrender, and then, listen.

Divine truth bubbles up from below and is always simple. It will never ask us to do more than one clear, achievable step at a time. It could be to wait, drink some water, go for a walk, or text a friend.

If we come away with a feeling of relief, “yes”-ness, and calm, we are on the right track.

If we hear guidance and feel tension, stress, buzzy, overwhelmed, or like we must do 10 things at once, this is a guarantee we are connecting up and out, therefore mixing with everyone else’s energy in ego consciousness. While we may receive some relevant information about our situation, it won’t feel as resonate or pertinent as guidance that comes when we connect down.

People have a belief that spiritual connection should feel like a really big deal. We should be buzzing, walking on air, almost like we’re high.

But that is not sustainable. As my teacher says, “God is not giddy.”

Deep spiritual connection feels like ease and grace. It feels light, uncomplicated, and smooth. For some, it may even edge on boring because we are so used to mixing with ego consciousness, which has a buzzy type feel to it.

We will go in and out of being spiritually aligned all day long. It’s normal and it’s totally okay. When we notice ourselves “in the flow,” we can take note of how that feels. When we notice ourselves getting a bit out of sorts or “in our heads,” we now have a reliable method to get back to our own stillness and wisdom.

Our soul is always talking to us—always. We must clear away the muck so we can distinguish what feels right for us versus everyone else.

Experiment with this and discover where it leads you. Notice the difference between the feeling of connecting down versus up and out. Become aware of how the guidance changes and is more simple, succinct, and personal. Allow the truth you hear to be enough for that moment.

Contrary to popular belief, none of us are actually working on our spirituality. We are all already spiritual—we can’t be anything else.

What we are working on is our humanity. We are learning to exist here in a physical body with the entire Universe inside of us. If that’s not magical, I don’t know what is.

Our soul doesn’t need healing—it’s always good.

It’s our perception of our experience that needs healing. It’s our focus that needs healing. It’s our ability to listen that needs healing. It’s our willingness to get brave and follow what is true for us that needs healing.

Our soul always knows the way, so allow it to show you the next simple step…and it will.


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