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April 8, 2021

Permission to Quit.

Photo by Marcus Aurelius on Pexels.

Permission to quit.


Set it down.

Let it go.

Walk away.

This is your permission slip; your invitation to let go of anything that is not making you a better person and your life a better place to inhabit.

Negative thoughts? Let them go

Failing a class? Drop it

Feeling conflicted about a relationship? Walk away

Rushing to keep all the balls in the air? Set them down

We spend so much time hyper focusing on staying busy, being productive, checking things off the list, and just holding on that sometimes we forget that not everything – or everyone – is meant for us.

It is noble to complete something that you’ve started – but it’s equally noble to recognize when something is no longer serving you and let it go.

There is no success in finishing that novel if it’s just not for you – or if what you got out of it was just an idea.

It’s not kind – to yourself or the other – to continue engaging with someone romantically because it looks good on paper if they don’t suit your soul.

There is no reward for sticking it out through a relationship – romantic or otherwise – with someone who does not honor your boundaries.

There is no fulfillment in staying in a job for the money, appearance, or status if it doesn’t feed your soul.

Give yourself permission to stop the juggling for a moment – just a moment – and listen to that voice inside you that knows the way.

Trust that you are enough.

Trust that this – your life – is the perfect unfolding. That it is exactly what you need right now.

You’re not behind.

You’re not deficient.

There is no clock running out.

You don’t have to do it all.

Give yourself permission to do what is best for you and let the rest go.

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