April 29, 2021

A Mental Health Playlist: 15 Songs for when you want to Hold Space for Yourself.

If you’re new here, you’d know I’m prone to long-winded rants against toxic positivity.

I save all my positive feelings for playlists, and I am the girl who has a Spotify playlist for everything. Do I believe they have magical unicorn-fairy powers to enhance my every experience and struggle? Absolutely. Do I think this belief is ridiculous? Nope.

There are burrowing moments in my life when I have to pause, reset, and rest. These are called burrowing moments because you will find me taking an intentional, guilt-free forced interruption of all my scheduled good habits, so I can lay (or burrow, as it were) in a pile of blankets until I feel better. It’s a lot grosser than it sounds, I promise. I’m a big fan.

When I am in the throes of a burrowing moment, I treat myself like I have the flu; I give myself warm-nourishing soup like foods, drink lots of water, catch up on my favorite series, or reread a favorite book, and the only “forced positive” thing I do is listen to this playlist right here.

Funny thing is, these songs aren’t even inherently toxic or overtly false cheer positive; they are just absolute “it’s okay to be where you are” songs for me. While I am holding space for my strong feelings, I am taking care of my body by nourishing it with rest, and I am curating the things I am exposing my mind to.

This playlist? It might as well be an antidepressant for me. It’s a boost of serotonin straight to the wrinkliest parts of my brain. It’s the safety net.

So here it goes, in no particular order (because music is sacred, and I could never begin to order all this goodness):

1. Modest Mouse, “Float On”

2. The Lumineers, “Angela”

3. Grouplove, “Tongue Tied”

4. Kygo and Labrinth, “Fragile”

5. Dermot Kennedy, “Outnumbered”

6. The Weakerthans, “Letter of Resignation”

7. Dexys Midnight Runners, “Come on Eileen”

8. The Strokes, “Someday”

9. The Libertines, “Music When the Lights Go Out”

10. Shannon and the Clams, “The Boy”

11. Greg Laswell, “It Comes and Goes In Waves”

12. Millington, “Let You In”

13. The Decemberists, “O Valencia!”

14. The Frights, “Tungs”

15. Miguel & Travis Scott, “Sky Walker”

* Bonus track (of all bonus tracks): Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, “American Girl”

You’re welcome.

I know, it’s almost like BPD in a playlist, but trust me. This mix right here? This mix right here.

It’s the feeling that you get when screaming the lyrics to the Smiths “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” at the top of your lungs while driving on a summer night, but in a playlist.

Give it a shot, let me know how it lands.



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Read 5 comments and reply

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