April 1, 2021

The Magic of Wishing upon a Star & How it helps us to Set Goals.

As a child, wishing upon a star felt so magical. It felt like anything was possible.

I lived in the city, so the stars were not always visible, but there were still plenty of star gazing nights growing up.

My friends and I would lay on the ground, and it didn’t matter where—pavement, whatever patch of grass we could find, or even in the middle of the street—we weren’t smart. We’d wish our butts off for what felt like hours.

There were no limitations on what we could wish for. Whatever our dreams were, we could wish for them—without any limits. As far as we knew, all wishes came true when you wished upon a star—it was pure magic.

That magical feeling bubbled inside of me with thoughts of possibility and hope. I felt unstoppable. I skipped around without a worry in the world because all of my dreams were coming true—I believed.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on a shooting star. If you happen to be the lucky one who saw a shooting star, you hit the star jackpot. You were destined to have the best life ever.

As we moved into adulthood, we were instructed to stop dreaming. We had to grow-up and make goals for our lives. Once goals were set, we worked hard toward our goals. There was no dreaming. There was no wishing upon a star. Goals and work.

As time went on, we grew up. Some went to college, others jumped into the working world, most got married and had children, and a lot of us did all of the above.

Over time, those adult-type goals became basic life goals to survive. There were limits to what we could achieve. Our goals had to be realistic. Our goals had to be sensible. Our goals had to be smart.

Those basic life goals were not as magical as wishing upon a star.

When you wish upon a star, there are no limits. I mean none—you could wish for anything with no boundaries set.

Early one morning last year, before the sun rose, I was sitting on my porch drinking a cup of coffee, enjoying the quiet before I began my workday. I just started working from home because of the pandemic.

I glanced up to the sky and noticed the stars. When I traveled into the city before the pandemic, I was always on-the-go and hardly had time to admire the stars. As my eyes stayed glued to the sky, it brought me back to all the dreams I wished for on those stars so many years ago—those same stars.

Why couldn’t I still have dreams? Just because my adult goals have been accomplished, why couldn’t I still wish upon a star?

My life is amazing. I feel extremely lucky to live the life I live. I set goals early on and accomplished those goals.

Now what? There is so much more to do in this life. So much I want to do. So much I want to see. I have dreams. Silly dreams. Impossible dreams. Dreams that don’t make sense at all. Wild dreams. Stupid dreams. Just because my adult goals have been accomplished, it doesn’t mean that this is it for me.

If you think about it, goals are just an adult way of wishing upon a star. They are intentions we set for our lives and intentions we wish to come true. The difference is that goals you work toward and wishing upon a star is believing they will come true on their own.

Why not combine the two? Is it childish to wish upon a star as an adult?

Can we still have big dreams? I’m talking about dreams like we had as kids. The impossible dreams; the over-the-moon type of dreams?

So I started to wish upon a star—again. Each morning, I’d go outside with a cup of coffee, and I’d wish upon a star.

“Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight.”

What happened next? I felt the magic. I felt the magical feeling bubbling inside of me with thoughts of possibility and hope. I felt unstoppable.

I walked around; I didn’t skip this time without a worry in the world because all of my dreams were coming true. I simply believed.

There was just something about having that feeling inside of me that maybe, just maybe, those dreams were coming true. It’s opening ourselves up to the possibility. That is what is giving us that magic.

Heck, why not put a little bit of magic into all of our goals. Goals that actually have no limits. Goals that give us possibilities and hope. Goals that make us feel unstoppable.

We should all keep those magical feelings inside of us.

There is something special about that feeling of possibility and hope.

There is something unique about feeling unstoppable.

There is something amazing about skipping around without a worry in the world because all of your dreams were coming true.

Believe. Let’s keep wishing upon a star and see what happens.


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Read 11 comments and reply

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