April 29, 2021

13 Questions to Ask before you Judge me from my Photos.

It’s been a journey, learning that I am still a work in progress.

It’s been a continuous learning to accept myself and the changes of my body—from a young girl, woman, pregnant to now, at nearly 37, in a few weeks.

The outside world’s voices have always taken over my inner voice of self-acceptance. And not one of us walks life without being judged—it is universal and seems to be a rite of passage for being human.

As @nude_yogagirl says, this is a journey we all take to change the world even a little. Because when we find a connection to ourselves even a little, we connect to others too. When we are kind to ourselves, we can be the upward spiral of kindness as my friend @blissology teaches us in his yoga. To accept, love ourselves, and our bodies, is part of the change to change the world.

We are always told we are too something (not in a positive way). And we have all judged others and others us and decided who we/they are by the look we all share here in life—on and offline life.

But how can we truly judge someone we don’t know?

Do you know the answers to these questions below about others and me when you judge? If you don’t, then it means only one thing—you are still in the cycle of judgement, and healing needs to be done.

If you want people to stop judging, then you must take the responsibility of the journey of self-love and acceptance and be the change instead of asking the world/others to change.

Can you look, without commenting, drawing conclusions, comparing, or trying to figure something about me out?

So, my questions to you as I share a raw capture, no edit, no filter from my home practice are:

>> What is my birthday?
>> How old am I?
>> What color was my hair when I was born?
>> Where did I grow up?
>> Do I have siblings?
>> What was my fave cartoon?
>> Do I drink tea or coffee?
>> What are my mom and dad’s names?
>> How many children do I have?
>> What is my nickname?
>> What is my fave food?
>> Fave color?
>> Night or morning person?

Those who know me know these answers, and those who don’t have a story in their mind that isn’t me.

Most importantly to note: what I or we look like will not tell you the answers above or who I am—only who you are and the healing that needs to be done.


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Read 5 comments and reply

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