April 23, 2021

Why This Month’s Pink Super Moon will bring Transformation & Release. {April 26th}

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The Pink Super Moon of April is set to bring with it huge transformation and release.

This month, we are met with the sun in Taurus and the moon in Scorpio. This polarity deals with the balance between destruction of form (Scorpio) and the concept of form (Taurus).

Taurus energy reminds us to enjoy and take pleasure in the tangible things in our lives while Scorpio energy brings us into our depths.

In fact, the archetype of Scorpio represents transformation. Often, this means bringing all that is unconscious or lurking in the depths into consciousness and transforming our human pain into medicine. It would seem that some people can struggle with this type of energy as it can feel uncomfortable and sometimes painful to let our suffering transform us, but it is in these experiences that we find self-mastery and freedom.

This month’s moon combined with Saturn squaring Uranus means abrupt change, major shakeups, and quite possibly strong declarations of feelings—even if you aren’t quite clear on what you are feeling.

Additionally, there could be an inner conflict happening between what is expected of you in your waking life and what your inner self wants. If left unchecked, this can lead to an imbalance between the need to people please and remain in your authenticity, which can end up feeling like frustration.

The big question with this month is what do you want out of life and are you willing to make the hard choices to see it through?

If you are in partnership, this moon might be illuminating all the feelings that you have kept buried to keep your outer world happy and peaceful and/or to appear that way toward others. The super moon is going to be like a magnifying glass on your inner landscape—are you going to love what you find? If so, express these feelings to your partner.

Scorpio is the sign of sex, death, and rebirth. This could be a powerful and transformative energy if your love life is experiencing a slump. Couple that with Taurus’ sensual nature and you might find a whole new person in the one you are with.

That said, if your inner landscape is full of mountains in the shape of pent-up resentments and conflict, it is time to address this within yourself. Now might be a good time to ask yourself why you have held onto limiting beliefs about your life. It might also be a great time to figure out if love means the big house, the fancy cars, and the two-and-a-half kids, or if perhaps there is something deeper that might be missing for you.

This full moon offers us the opportunity to really investigate our unconscious decisions and biases that have formed the construct for our lives.

If you are single during this time, you might find that this month’s full moon brings in an opportunity to deconstruct core beliefs that have held you back or kept you from finding your person.

When we can take an honest look at how our inner world has shaped our outer world, we give ourselves a chance to break down and then build back up from a place of truth and authenticity.

Scorpio energy encourages to explore our depths and transform our inner world while Taurus energy encourages us to attain material possessions that feel good to us. Perhaps the beliefs you are holding onto within are reflected in the items you are holding onto without? Now is the time to find out!

This all sounds so simple, but the truth is change can feel scary for most of us. Especially if it involves letting go of certain material comforts to do so or it comes on abruptly and without warning. The best thing you can do with this moon is to just lean in and surrender to whatever life or your soul needs you to learn so that you may free yourself of any illusions you are still unknowingly holding onto.

So often we resist change and, therefore, we suffer longer because of it.

Scorpio reminds us that in order to transmute anything, we must face a death of sorts so that we may be reborn. In the place of darkness, we can learn more about ourselves and bring to light all the ways in which we might need to change or take better care of ourselves.

With the comfort of stable Taurus, we can use this time to dive into our darkness while remembering the need to go slow, treat ourselves gently, and surround our physical bodies with comfort.

Leaning into the pain isn’t fun—believe me. That said, it can be lessened when we can have compassion for our experiences. Perhaps you need a good cry while taking a bubble bath. Maybe you need to just allow yourself to eat whatever you want for a few days instead of religiously following your diet. Perhaps you need to get outside and sit in nature for a bit or maybe you just simply need to spend a day in bed.

Whatever it is for you, let it be easy, soft, gentle, and sensual. Let it have its way with you, transform you, and heal you. And above all else, let it teach you.

Happy Full Moon and Many Blessings!


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