May 4, 2021

This is what Keeps us Stuck in Relationships.

Leaving a relationship can be quite hard to maneuver, given the time and social investments we may have put into the connection.

However, when we start to feel those little signs and subtle hints that it is time to consider leaving (that often become bigger signs over time), we must address this understanding and start to consider what we need in order to move on.  

And before we can fully commit, we may have many things to consider. 

In sharing time with the ones we have been in a relationship with, we not only attach to them, but also to the other conveniences of sharing our homes, our lives, and our material possessions with them. 

Often, no matter what is faced in the relationship, it is usually these other conveniences that we have a harder time leaving. And often, it is these conveniences that keep us in our relationships, even well beyond when we first started to feel it was time to consider leaving.

Ego is why.

Ego is the barometer that keeps us stagnant and often relying on our attachments.

Ego commits to promoting the fears and worries that we may find, should we leave. And ego keeps us tethered longer while our heart is often repetitively reminding us we must go through subtle signs and hints. 

To override ego, we must detach from the reasons that keep us in the relationship—and also override any negative thoughts or fears.  

Take out a notepad. Write the reasons you have stayed in a relationship you know is time to leave. Now, read the reasons back to yourself, slowly. 

Let your heart feel and respond to each reason. Trust what you feel inside with each mention.

Your heart can help you clear the fears and concerns you had. In giving these reasons and feelings to your heart, your heart can be a better ally. When you act with your heart in unison, you will go forth with more confidence, prowess, conviction, and strength, making the departure less cumbersome and a lot more freeing.

Now, when you are ready to settle things with your ego directly, affirm the following out loud:

I am ready to embark on a new adventure. 

A new adventure that will take me out of my current comfort zone and out of my current relationship.

I trust that my heart will now lead me to an even more comfortable position in life—and in a peaceful manner.

I ask my heart to release any and all attachments to the people, places, and things that had been in place in order to experience this relationship.

And I will go forth with full trust that my heart has my best interests at hand.

Thank you, heart.

Now, when you do depart, remember to take some additional time to truly give any remaining feelings to your heart, as this will keep you in a healthy mindset in going forward, rather than lingering in the leaving. 

And, lastly, remind yourself that you love you.



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