May 29, 2021

The Chapters of Life: A Lovely Insight on Change & Goodbyes.

Life really is akin to a book, and there are a thousand pages I have not yet written.

It has a beginning, an end, and has many incredibly wonderful happy, sad, mediocre, joyful, devastating, and everything in-between—a pilgrimage to the story’s end.

It’s a collection of little chances for happiness, each lived one second at a time. Moments that we should all pay particularly close attention to, noticing the beauty in the space between the big events.

That moments of dreaming and connections and sunsets and refreshing breezes cannot be bettered. But most of all, realizing that life is about being here and now, watching and listening without a clock and without anticipation of results at every moment. Sometimes, on good days, allowing these little moments fills our hearts with passion and love.

There will be a collection of characters who appear, woven into our personal tapestry of our lives. There will those who flit in and out of our pages. There will be the stalwarts, though not appearing on every page or chapter, are always there on the peripheries. There will be the VIP game-changers who came to love or be loved, to teach or be taught, souls that weave a magical golden thread on the pages, who touch our hearts and linger through the chapters, often making guest appearances over the years in person or just in thoughts on lazy summer days—and a whole host of extras each with their own roles to play in our book.

Starting a new chapter is ultimately something created in our minds. It’s the meaning we attach to the event that allows us to perceive the event as something that changes us or opens up a new door in your life.

But just as there are new chapters, there will also be endings.

That’s the magic of this life. It’s always changing and throwing us off the familiar. That’s the hint that our personal growth requires someone different and something more and that life is simply making room. We should learn to embrace goodbyes because every goodbye we receive sets us up for an even better hello—even if we desperately want that particular chapter to just keep on going, with no end in sight. Goodbyes and new chapters are gifts.

We should all endeavor to live life as a magical mythic journey through the chapters of it—rather than a bewildering experience. Only then, we learn to look at and trust the unknown.


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