May 13, 2021

This “Spiritual” Quote reeks of unexamined Privilege.

I and our writers (you) at Elephant have written and talked about privilege 1,080 times before (please search privilege on Elephant, there’s some great reads).

Privilege is not a bad thing in and of itself. But it must be seen, and shared. It is a bad thing to keep all to oneself. It’s a bad thing to take for granted, to be selfish about. We must look at it, and then work to the benefit of others.

The quote below was shared by one of Elephant’s dear editors this morning. Coming out of a year of BLM, white privilege, white supremacy…it rubbed me the wrong way. Two readers agreed, clearly.

They said,

Maybe this is true for white men.

This is such a pernicious lie. Stop spreading it.

I liked their replies, and replied:

“exactly. This quote is profound, and true in an absolute sense, but reeks of privilege, needs context.”

“Agree, and disagree. I didn’t post this quote and disagree with it, but it is true and profound–and, offensive and incomplete.” 

Here’s the quote:

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Read 9 comments and reply

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