May 14, 2021

When the Game Ends: The Unbreakable Love of Twin Flames.


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This fictional piece is inspired by the true story of a couple who felt like the whole world was against them—that oppressive feeling of helplessness from within.

Imagine you’re in a relationship that is something you believe to be from the bottom of your heart the one relationship you have yearned for your whole life.

It’s that twin flame that has been calling to your soul and you finally find them. Distances become irrelevant. There however are substantial insurmountable odds against you. Maybe it’s a forbidden love—the person is already married or people just can’t accept that what you have is real.

This piece shows the struggle, the power of love, and the conclusion being that even if you break, you break together and that your love is eternal, in this life and the next.


The walls are closing in as the oxygen depletes from the dark restrictive space that encloses us. We try to push our arms out to stop us from being crushed. Our entire bodies shake as we use all our might to prevent the inevitable pain that is reaching out for us. Our veins pulsate and pop through the skin as our muscles twitch and strain, shaking with intense pressure. We can feel the distension in our bones as they crack and twist. Our hearts beat as one. Our connection is unbreakable even in the most brutal of situations. This twisted game that people play—at what cost?

We are suffocating. We’re trying to breathe but it feels like our lungs are being squeezed by the Devil’s hands as he wraps his wings around us, claiming our damned souls.

She watches his eyes start to roll back as his vision warps and blurs. His head feels like it’s going to explode from the inside as words sound like they are injecting themselves directly into my cerebral cortex. She releases the walls to place her hands on the side of her head as she drops to her knees. The sounds are deafening as they pierce her eardrums with their pounding hatred.

We pray for this to all be over soon but God isn’t here to help us today. The angels have turned their backs, heads bowed in shame surrounded by darkness. The walls press against our flesh as we hold each other close. We know the end is near as we break and bleed, the screams of our souls reach no one as we feel the life ebb into the empty void, together for all eternity in the next life.

The Devil’s wish finally granted as he picks up the pieces of what we once were—now nothing.


I truly hope that you all experience the power of this insatiable love at least once in your lifetime and the message is clear.

Never give up.


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Read 19 comments and reply

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