June 14, 2021

4 Ways to Deeply Connect with Yourself (& Why it’s so Important).

You spend the entirety of your life with yourself.

And so it is important that your existence is spent loving who you are.

It can be difficult sometimes to achieve a deep connection with yourself; other things in life can take precedence over the compassion we must give ourselves. However, it is important that you still find the time to listen to your heart.

Having a deep connection with yourself is beneficial for not only your own existence but for the universe as a whole. By having a strong relationship with yourself, you welcome kindness and love into your world.

This will soon bring about inner peace and joy within you. You therefore have the ability to spread this peace, joy, and love to all that surrounds you, making this world a peaceful and compassionate place to be.

Connecting Deeply with Your Being

Connecting deeply to your being invites you to be vulnerable, authentic, and kind-hearted. There are many wonderful things that allow for you to achieve a deep connection with yourself—things that bring warmth to your soul.

These four things have the ability to bring you back to the present moment, allowing you to focus on your current being and build a strong relationship with your most authentic self. Also, have a go at the daily activities I’ve suggested to help you ignite a deep connection with yourself.


Moving your body is the greatest gift you were given. We each move so differently; it is a form of self-expression. When you give yourself the freedom to exist in the moment and allow your body the movement it desires, you will feel a deep connection with yourself.

When you dance, do it with intention. Place your hand on your heart and pay attention to how you are feeling. What are the sensations you feel in your body at that moment? Close your eyes and move the way the music wants you to.

Notice that each day is different from the last. Therefore your body will want to move in a different way depending on your mood. One day you may feel like slow dancing with your eyes closed, and another, you may be slut dropping (pardon the language) in the mirror—embrace it!

Daily Activity: Start each day by dancing with yourself. Put on a song that resonates with you, and allow your body to move freely within the safe space you have chosen.

Exploring the Outdoors

Getting outside to connect with nature is one of the best ways to foster a deep connection with yourself. The natural world has healing powers beyond anything else you will find in this universe.

A deep connection with yourself can be found by exploring the outdoors as it allows you to find meaning in the world that surrounds you. Noticing how animals go about their days allows you to find fulfillment and peace in the simplest of things. Once you have true peace in your everyday life, you are able to focus on your true essence, morals, and authenticity.

Daily Activity: Go for a 20-minute walk somewhere you haven’t been to before. Be sure that there is lots of natural scenery (trees, natural paths, spacious land) so that you can take in the environment. What are the smells, sounds, and views that surround you? How do you feel in the moment?

Personal Relationships

Personal relationships are a beautiful way to find a deep connection with yourself. You are able to learn an incredible amount from others. You learn not only about them but about yourself and the characteristics you wish to develop.

Having strong platonic and romantic relationships helps you to look in at yourself and your own values. The people you surround yourself with set an example for how you currently see yourself and who you would like to become. They are your role models.

Strong personal relationships help you to form a deep connection with yourself by opening your eyes to the person you wish to be. They open your eyes to your passions and goals. If you surround yourself with authentic, loving individuals, they encourage you to also be an authentic and loving individual.

Daily Activity: When you are with a friend or partner, note the qualities you admire about them. Why do you admire that quality? How can you adopt that quality and find personal transformation?


Journaling allows you to focus on how you feel and what you think in the present moment. It also helps you to dissect certain emotions, beliefs, trauma responses, and much more. It is a wonderful gateway to finding a deep connection with yourself.

How? Because it is a safe space for you to be compassionate toward yourself.

Daily Activity: Write a journal entry on your current life situation, how you feel about it, and solutions that you can implement if needed.

The Importance of a Deep Connection with Yourself

When you are deeply connected with your being, you encourage yourself to be authentic, vulnerable, and compassionate. You are able to learn more about who you are, but more importantly why. When you are truly yourself, you motivate others to want to be the most genuine versions of themselves too.

Consequently, by creating a deep connection with yourself, you allow for the world to be a kinder place for everyone.


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